Year End Report: 2021-2022

Reconnecting, Rejuvenating, and Growing in a Time of Change

by Tina Wagner, MCDA President 2021-2022

As past president, I am glad to report that even though we started the year last summer with lingering challenges due to COVID,  numerous board vacancies, and economic churn, we completed a very successful year.  Our focus was to rebuild, reconnect and grow even with the uncertainty of how to offer programming and services in a changing professional landscape, an ongoing pandemic and economic uncertainties.  

Our overall goals and outcomes for the year:

GOAL Rebuild the board with new trustees from our talented MCDA  membership after losing a number of individuals and active volunteers due to retirements, relocations, and completing terms on the board.

  • Outcome – Eight board members were successfully recruited to fill trustee roles and serve on committees.

GOAL – Plan and provide professional development and programming.

  • Outcome – The following Programs  were offered:  
  • Two in person social events at local breweries with good attendance and positive reviews (October & May). 
  • Three well attended virtual professional development programs on the following topics:  
    • “Trends in Recruiting: COVID & Beyond” employer panel (January)
    • “Using Strengths in Career Coaching & Counseling” (February) 
    • “Career Practioner’s Panel: Where Do Career Practioner’s Work?” (April)
  • A one day virtual conference with the theme, “Offering Hope & Positivity in a Chaotic World” with national speakers and active participation. Co-sponsored with Normandale Community College. 
  • Mentoring program was updated and made successful matches between new professionals in the field and volunteer mentors.

GOAL – Review systems, processes and administrative needs to update and address issues as needed.

  • Outcome – A Review of membership, AMO software and annual expenses has been started and will continue into next year.  The shared drive for the organization was reorganized to make finding information easier and quicker.  A review and update of the website was conducted last summer and changes were made to improve usability.

GOAL – Support and promote equity, inclusion and diversity.

  • Outcome – DE&I information and articles were shared in the newsletters and distributed to all members.

GOAL – Boost marketing on social media and reestablish a regular newsletter.

  • Outcome – Social media marketing was effective on LinkedIn and Facebook, and the renewal of a regular newsletter has been well received and very useful to members.

GOAL – Assess current membership numbers and trends.

  • The membership committee is actively working with the MCDA administrator to review current membership numbers and explore how to report information and improve outreach and recruiting.

GOAL – Act as careful stewards of our budget and resources. 

  • Outcome – Our finances are in good order, and we kept our expenses in check to maintain a balance that covers our costs and has a solid cushion for our association.  

Thank you to MCDA members for supporting the work of our organization and the executive team and trustees.  I am very grateful for the countless contributions of talented, dedicated and generous colleagues who have made this a positive and fun experience. There has been a focused intent to make MCDA relevant to new and long term members, inclusive, and active in offering opportunities for members to learn, connect and be informed on important and changing issues.  The board has worked hard this past year to provide information and offer opportunities to its members.

MCDA has been a leader in providing professional support and development opportunities to its members for many years, and the ongoing good work of the board and volunteers continues.  It is a great privilege and honor to serve this organization.

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