MCDA’s professional development events and resources, communications, career development research, advocacy, member services and other activities are led by volunteer committee members. Committee chairpersons are members of the MCDA Executive Board and Board of Trustees.

All MCDA members are welcome to participate in committees, event planning and activities. Contact us to inquire about current committee activities or to suggest a project or event. Graduate students and new professionals are encouraged to participate.

MCDA’s Committees

Membership & Outreach Committee Leads the recruitment and retention of MCDA members, as well as the development and promotion of MCDA’s benefits. It performs various outreach initiatives to promote the association to the greater career development community.

Resources from this committee are in the Current Member and the Become a Member sections.

Traits of successful members: Investigative, Artistic, Social, and/or Conventional.

Strengths: Includer, Connectedness, Woo, Communication, Activator, Consistency, Arranger, Futuristic.

Finance Committee Tracks monthly financial transactions, and oversees the general financial health of MCDA. Advises on event pricing and membership dues. Discusses and recommends financial procedures.

Previous experience is not necessary.

Traits of successful members: Realistic, Investigative, Enterprising and/or Conventional.

Strengths: Analytical, Learner, Consistency, Restorative, Activator, Maximizer, Adaptability, Development, Harmony, Relator.

Minnesota Careers Conference Planning Committee (Spring Conference) Plans and organizes all aspects of the annual state conference, including help plan a theme; secure speakers; coordinate the Call for Presentations; design marketing materials; coordinate food and facilities; recruit and organize vendors; and coordinate registration.

Resources from this committee are on the website.

Traits of successful members: Artistic, Social, Enterprising and/or Conventional.

Strengths: Positivity, Individualization, Adaptability, Woo, Self-Assurance, Communication, Responsibility, Deliberative, Arranger, Strategic.

NOTE: Communication Committee & Technology Committee  These two committees have combined for members to more efficiently facilitate projects with overlapping priorities.

Communication Committee Strategize and develop emails, social media posts, newsletters, website content and print materials to MCDA members and other career development audiences. Work with other committees and event planners to coordinate messages.

Resources from this committee are in the News (blog) section and on MCDA’s social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and the MCDA LinkedIn page.  The committee also moderates the MCDA LinkedIn Group.

Traits of successful members: Artistic, Social, and/or Enterprising.

Strengths: Context, Input, Strategic, Belief, Focus, Command, Communication, Significance, Empathy, Includer.

Technology Committee Review and maintain the MCDA website, social media platforms and other technology needs. Investigates emerging technology and advises other committees on their uses. Works closely with the Communications Committee and Membership and Outreach Committee to explore relevant appropriate use of new media for communications.

Traits of successful members: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic and/or Conventional.

Strengths: Connectedness, Command, Restorative, Discipline, Achiever, Strategic, Learner, Futuristic.

Professional Development Committee (PDC) is focused on growing and developing leadership skills in current and potential members. It is concerned with establishing priorities and procedures for coordinating high-quality professional development events and other activities for the MCDA members and potential members that meets their needs and advances the field of career development.

The PDC is responsible for the organization and scheduling of Professional Development Events throughout the year. In addition, the Committee is a resource and responsible for the management of the MCDA Mentoring Program.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee Advocates for and makes recommendations to MCDA for enhancing all aspects of diversity and equity, and advises on how the association can better meet the needs of its diverse membership and stakeholders.

Resources from this committee are in the Diversity and Inclusion section.

Traits of successful members: Investigative, Social, Enterprising.

Strengths: Positivity, Command, Restorative, Consistency, Belief, Learner, Futuristic, Context.