The Board is a volunteer group of 17 elected MCDA members.

Serving on the Board offers opportunities to:

  • Build relationships with career development professionals from a variety of settings, and expand your network of contacts in the field.
  • Develop new skills in leadership, project management, speaking, writing, editing, program planning, Web design, etc.
  • Make a contribution to the profession of career development and the community.
  • Have fun!

Expectations of a member of the MCDA Board of Trustees:

  • Serve a two-year term
  • Understand the mission, purpose, by-laws, and past practices of MCDA
  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Actively participate in a Committee or lead a board-approved project
  • Assist in planning and implementing annual goals and strategy
  • Provide ideas, input, and information to the group process
  • Respect ideas and viewpoints shared by other board members
  • Ask the Executive Board for help, clarification, or information when needed
  • Strive to improve the organization’s standing and scope by working towards goals

Approximate time involved per month for Trustee positions:

  • 3-5 hours total (2 hours at monthly Board meeting and 1-3 hours for committee or project work).
  • Depending on additional event planning, committees or projects you volunteer for, your commitment may be more during some months. Past Board members have found the time commitment to be very manageable while working full time.

Members of the Executive Board perform responsibilities similar to the other Trustees (as described above), and have additional responsibilities that generally take a few more hours per month.

Board elections are held in the spring/summer of each year. Current MCDA members are invited to run for election.