Coach Directory

This is a list of Minnesota career counselors and coaches; each is a current member of the Minnesota Career Development Association. Although MCDA cannot endorse any private practitioners, the Board has agreed to provide this list as a service to the public and to its members.

Helpful hints from the National Career Development Association:

NAME: Kim Bartels, Ph.D.
TITLE/COMPANY: Bartels Executive Coaching
CREDENTIALS: Ph.D. in Psychology, with a specialization in Counseling Psychology. 30 years of experience as a Career Coach, Executive Coach, and Management Consultant focused on Leadership Development, Career Transitions, and Talent Assessment for Executive Search. Expertise in Women’s Leadership Development and Assessment of Strengths and Leadership Skills. Qualified to use and interpret the Hogan Assessments, Clifton Strengths Assessment, CPI, 360 Feedback, MBTI, and other tools.
PHONE: 612-759-5627
LOCATION: Zoom or phone coaching in Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN, all of North America and beyond.
SERVICES: I offer individual coaching and an outside perspective to help people better manage their careers and lead with more confidence, emotional intelligence, and effectiveness. Key topics include increasing self-awareness; making career decisions; communicating; negotiating and seeking promotions; leading self; leading others; networking; building relationships; and moving forward after job loss. I do NOT provide basic job search, resume, or cover letter services; instead, we talk about it briefly, so I can refer you to professional resume writers or other resources.

AUDIENCE: My clients represent a variety of roles, industries, functions, demographic characteristics, and levels of experience. Many of my clients are mid- to late-career women who want to enhance their career and/or leadership success and satisfaction. Clients include women of color and/or people who identify as LGBTQIA+, non-binary, gender fluid, and/or non-conforming.

NAME: Christine Giefer Bartley, M.A.
TITLE/COMPANY: Career Coach and Owner, Career Leap Coaching, LLC
CREDENTIALS: Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Minnesota with an emphasis on career coaching.  Member of Twin Cities Human Resources Association and currently employed in the HR division of a Fortune 50 company in the Twin Cities. Also currently teach career development courses at the University of Minnesota.
PHONE: 651-247-4372
LOCATION: St. Paul and serve clients throughout the Twin Cities metro
SERVICES: Self-assessment, networking, resumes, cover letters, interviewing techniques, professionalism, transition from student to professional
AUDIENCE: Individuals seeking a new job, whether it’s experienced professional, recent college grads, or students (high school and college)

NAME: Katie Niznik, MA
TITLE / COMPANY: Founder & Career Coach, Rising Star Career Coaching, LLC

CREDENTIALS: Experience working as a recruiter at varying companies and organizations, experience working in career services at Carlson School of Management and the University of Minnesota (connecting with businesses around hiring practices and candidate qualifications), Bachelors in Business Administration (Marketing, HR) and Masters in Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development.
CLIENTS: I specialize in coaching high school and college students and early-career professionals, who may be in their first job or early on in their career journey wanting to find the best fit. Mid-level professionals who are feeling stuck or unsatisfied in their current career and are considering a career change or transition that better aligns with their values (pay, work-life balance, development, etc.).
SERVICES: Career Assessment & Exploration, Personal Branding (including online presence like LinkedIn), Resume Writing, Cover Letters Networking, Job Search Planning, Interviewing, Job Offer Negotiation. What sets Rising Star apart is my commitment to utilize the latest hiring trends and candidate technologies in your job search strategies. Each of my clients are unique and my approach to coaching you reflects that.

NAME: Mary E. Berg
TITLE / COMPANY: Mary Berg, Resume Writer and Career Coach
CREDENTIALS: M.A. in Education from the University of Minnesota with an emphasis on Career and Vocational Education
PHONE: 952-212-6632
LOCATION: Twin Cities Metro Area
CLIENTS: Recent graduates as well as individuals in early or mid-to-late career, especially those in career transition. I provide deep listening skills, finding work themes, and the ability to edit and revise a resume to reflect your worth and value to a company.
SERVICES: Career coaching and resume writing.

NAME: Kay Blassingame
TITLE / COMPANY: Cedarwood Counseling
CREDENTIALS: LPC, Masters in Counseling. Over 10 years experience as career counselor and certified to offer MBTI, Strong Interest Inventory and other assessments. Business owner for over 20 years.
CLIENTS: Individuals in all career phases, post retirement, and those returning to the job market after an absence. Individuals adjusting to American workplace customs. All backgrounds are welcome.
SERVICES: I specialize in supporting positive change for clients experiencing workplace issues and coping with toxic relationships and difficult environments. I help those who wish to explore ways to stay and improve their situation or make a transition. If that is the case, I assist with exploration, job search strategies, resume and cover letter writing, preparation for interviewing and salary negotiation. EAP and insurance coverage may be used in some instances.

NAME: Tom Colosimo
TITLE / COMPANY: Career Architect | Colosimo Career Consulting
CREDENTIALS/Experience: 20 years as a corporate accountant within 3 industries, 6 years of recruiting experience and 10 years of career coaching/advising.  Consolidated experience that brings together a powerful blend of corporate insights with recruiting expertise to provide superior career advising and job search strategies.
PHONE: 612-386-3715
CLIENTS: Experience working with over 1,000 clients ages 16 – 65 with focuses in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, HR, Project Management, IT and Engineering.
SERVICES: Provide strategic career planning thru one-on-one coaching sessions to gain focus and understanding of job searching or career changing tactics. Develop job search or career focus action plan by gaining understanding of interests, skills, and values. Additional processes and activities involve strong networking strategies with business connections and recruiters depending on career focus.  Learn the process of successful networking with other professionals for researching and career changing and job placement.

NAME: Cindy Edwards, MA ACC (in progress)
TITLE / COMPANY: Career Counselor and Facilitator, Find Your Fit, LLC
CREDENTIALS: M.A. Human Resource Development, Career Development, Certified Myer’s Briggs Professional (MBTI, Strong, CPI), Certified 360 Reach Personal Branding Analyst, ACC -ADHD Coaching (in progress)
PHONE: 612-325-1216
LOCATION: Minneapolis, St. Paul and Southern Suburbs
CLIENTS: Unemployed and Employed: Adults, Recent Graduates, College Students, and High School Students. Expertise in IT (Infrastructure and Application Development), Interactive Online Web Development, Advertising, Marketing (all occupations), Health Care, Manufacturing, Sales, Finance, Training and Development, and Human Resources.
SERVICES: Career Assessment & Exploration, Personal Branding, Resume Writing, Networking, Job Search Planning, Interviewing, Career Performance Management, ADHD Counseling.

NAME: Nancy Fraasch
TITLE/COMPANY: Nancy Fraasch Consulting, Career Coach
CREDENTIALS: Masters of Business Administration degree, BS in Vocational Education. Attained the status of Career Management Practitioner (CMP) from the Institute of Career Certification International. Certified MBTI assessment administrator.
PHONE: 763-300-7500
LOCATION: Minneapolis/St. Paul area
CLIENTS: Supporting individual job seekers in all levels including executives, managers, technical professionals, sales, and administrative personnel.  Experience includes working with mature workers, mid-life career/job changers, high school students, and college students/new professionals. Coaching and supporting individuals and groups in career-related areas.
SERVICES: Formal and informal assessment/career direction, resume development, job search strategies, LinkedIn, interviewing and negotiation skills.

NAME: Paul R. Larson
TITLE/COMPANY: President / Paul Larson and Associates, LLC
CREDENTIALS: Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF)
PHONE: 612-282-3158
E-MAIL: /Linked-In
LOCATION: Bloomington, MN and serve clients throughout the state of Minnesota CLIENTS: Adults in career transition
SERVICES: Self-assessment, Career Planning, networking, resumes, cover letters, interviewing techniques, Job Development, and job lead development. Additionally, provide Labor Market research and Employability Assessment

NAME: Janice Linden Kalin, Ph.D.

TITLE / COMPANY: JLK & Associates

CREDENTIALS: Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, Licensed Psychologist, with over 30 years of experience in counseling and consulting in higher education and business settings. Certified in all assessment tools such as the Strong, Hogans, CPI and many others.
PHONE: 612-385-7654
LOCATION: Minneapolis, MN
CLIENTS: Young adults to baby boomers. College students, college grads, people unhappy with current job situation, those thinking of making a career change or getting back into a career after an absence. Anyone who feels stuck, uncertain or unhappy with their current situation.
SERVICES: Guidance through a process of career exploration and self-assessment.  Help you to evaluate your interests, skills, values and goals for the future, personal barriers that may hinder career satisfaction and the reality of the job market.  Interviewing, resume writing and networking.

NAME: Freda Marver

TITLE / COMPANY: Begin Again Coaching

CREDENTIALS: Has coached hundreds of clients and been voted a Favorite Career / Life Coach by Minnesota Women’s Press. Interviewed by national (Fast Company, and local media (WCCO, KSTP, Minnesota Monthly magazine.) BS in psychology, MBA, professional coach certification. MBTI, Strong Interest Inventory, Hogan Leadership Assessments.

PHONE: 612-922-4952

E-MAIL: freda@BeginAgainCoaching.comWEBSITE: BeginAgainCoaching.comLOCATION: Work virtually with clients around the country. Located in Minneapolis.

CLIENTS: Men / women / nonbinary at all levels of their careers from strongly established to just starting to starting over. My clients are bright, motivated, and value continued growth and learning.  They represent a range of racial, demographic and neurodiverse identities.
SERVICES: Helping clients get unstuck; find career fulfillment, vitality and empowerment; gain clarity, confidence and a plan of action; find work that feels aligned with who they are at their core; deal with the fear and anxiety that are companion to courageous change.

NAME: Jamie Peterson, PhD

TITLE/COMPANY: Coach and Consultant, Enspiring Consulting, LLC

CREDENTIALS: I have a Master’s degree in counseling (focusing on career and academic counseling) and a Doctorate in Educational Psychology from the University of Minnesota. I have extensive experience working within higher education (as a tenured professor) where I worked with hundreds of students to clarify and pursue their career goals. When I left higher education I was a data analyst for an international Fortune 500 company.  Currently I provide career coaching and corporate training for professionals who are seeking clarity and want to build on their strengths to thrive both personally and professionally. In 2022 I co-authored the book, “College to Career: Making the Most of Your Journey.”


LOCATION: Twin Cities, MN and virtually across North America

CLIENTS: Higher ed professionals who are considering leaving higher education to pursue careers outside the academy.  I also coach college students and early-career professionals who are just getting started on their journey who have questions about navigating the road ahead and need a guide along the way. Mid-level professionals who are feeling a little “meh” and are considering a career change or transition to create a more fulfilling and meaningful life – including a better work-life (im)balance.

SERVICE: Our careers are a journey – not a destination.  My work as a coach focuses on meeting you wherever you are on your path and serving as your guide as you navigate the twists, turns and obstacles that are in your path. I’ll help you clarify what is most important to you and then support you in making decisions and taking action to get you going on the right path for you.  I listen openly and respectfully to your needs and concerns and ask questions that help you explore and re-imagine your options. My career coaching practice includes career exploration (including assessments) to help your clarify your goals, values and options; coaching to help you make decisions, practice for interviews, negotiate offers and have difficult conversations in the workplace; assistance with resumes, LinkedIn profiles, social media and personal branding to help you create an authentic image of what you offer to others.

NAME: Stan Rosen

COMPANY: Career Consultant Careerlifestyles since 2007
CREDENTIALS: 33 years as an educator specializing in Marketing and Career investigation, Masters degree from U of MN, Minnesota Marketing Educator of the Year, Minnesota Teacher of the Year Finalist. AWARD WINNING NATIONALLY CERTIFIED CAREER COACH

PHONE: 612-619-3959
LOCATION: Minneapolis, MN
CLIENTS: Experience working with over 2,000 clients ages 16 – 70
SERVICES: Provide understanding of interests, skill, and values through assessments, personal consultation, career research, planning and goal setting.

NAME: Tina Wagner, MA

TITLE/COMPANY: TMWagner Career Coaching LLC

CREDENTIALS: Extensive and broad career coaching experience from roles as a career center director at two local universities, career coach/counselor, and educator.  Have worked with adults of all ages with diverse backgrounds, education and experiences. Extensive knowledge of employment markets from working with employers in business, healthcare, government, STEM and nonprofit (social service and cultural/arts) areas. Education and certifications include, Certified Strengths Coach, and Master’s Degree with foci in counseling, human/student development and higher education.  Have taught college level career development courses for students in traditional age and adult programs, and presented countless programs and workshops for academic and career areas related to very diverse employment sectors.




LOCATION: Currently all services are provided virtually or by phone.

CLIENTS:  Adults interested in career exploration, planning, goal setting and finding career and work opportunities that fit their needs and life directions.  I have extensive experience working with individuals considering or making transitions and looking for new career areas.  Experienced in coaching new graduates to mid level professionals, women in transition, students of all ages, individuals from diverse backgrounds, individuals returning to work after being out of the job market for periods of time, and older workers considering options to change directions before or during retirement.

SERVICES: Career coaching, career related assessments (Strengths, Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Strong Interest Inventory), and career planning in a holistic context of a person’s interests, experiences, needs and life circumstances.  Work with individuals on diverse job search areas including creating a professional brand, writing resumes and cover letters, LinkedIn profile development, job search and interview coaching and salary negotiations.  I offer an open, friendly and supportive space for individuals to discuss career possibilities and life circumstances to help them think positively and creatively about their dreams, purpose, vocation, work, and career goals.

NAME: Jennifer Rogers, M.A.

TITLE/COMPANY:   JK Rogers Career Coaching & Consulting

CREDENTIALS: M.A. in Education with a dual concentration in Educational Psychology (counseling psychology), and Higher Education Student Affairs (student development).

With more than twenty-five years’ experience, I employ pragmatic, individualized, effective approaches with empathy to help clients meet their next career goal.  During my career in higher education career offices, I worked with corporate recruiters from a wide variety of industries and organization size.  Therefore, I bring versatility and valuable knowledge about what makes candidates stand out to employers.

Finally, as a trainer and facilitator, I employ strategic creativity to develop and present career workshops for small groups and large.


LOCATION: Minneapolis, St. Paul, entire Twin Cities Metro Area, and nationally.  Provide services virtually or in person, upon request.

CLIENTS  Adults of all ages, 18 – 60+, Current college students, recent college graduates, early through mid-career professionals (all career areas), and those ready to contemplate semi-retirement or full retirement.

SERVICES: Together, we can address any of the following career issues: Career discernment and exploration, Self-Assessment (Strong Interest Inventory, MBTI, CliftonStrengths, CareerLeader, Work Values inventories), Effective Job Search Strategies, Application documents (resume & cover letter), Interview preparation, Offer Evaluation & Negotiation, Advanced Education – Graduate & Professional School planning, Retirement Visioning – How will I spend my time?


Note to MCDA Members: Are you a career counselor or coach in private practice and seeking referrals? MCDA often receives inquiries for private practitioners interested in providing one-on-one services. If you would like to have your name added to our referral list, send your name, contact information, including e-mail address, list of services and audience to