During the 2015 – 2016 MCDA year, President Vic Massaglia submitted an extensive nomination form of MCDA accomplishments and we won the NCDA Outstanding CDA Award!  Below are the highlights from the nomination which earned this recognition:

Biggest accomplishment this year:  Completing a major update of bylaws, which included creation of the MCDA Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Professional development efforts:  Hosted 4 RoundTable events, the Mentorship Program with 11 mentorship pairs, the Fall Event on Generational Diversity, the Winter Event on Preparing for a Diverse Workforce, and the Annual Minnesota Careers Conference with keynote presenter Amy Lindgren and PDI presenter Bruce Roselle. 

Increase state CDA membership:  Created new MCDA brochure, received NCDA State Grant to attract a well-known keynote speaker, and solicited award nominations from within the Minnesota career development community to recognize their accomplishments. 

Additional Accomplishments:  Co-created the Irene Rossman Scholarship Fund, established a MCDA Strategic Planning Initiative, updated the MCDA website, and secured a post office box for MCDA to have more professional access. 

We are very proud of the many accomplishments achieved by our Board and members, and are appreciative of receiving this national honor!