February President’s Corner: Investment

by Gordon Helle, MCDA President

About this time of year I take some time to review my financial status. I’m sure it has nothing at all to do with it being tax season. Surely, that is coincidental …

As I review my investments, I look at two things. Did they perform in alignment with my financial goals? Have my financial goals changed since this time last year? These regular check-ins are essential to ensure that I achieve what I’m striving for that requires financial resources.

This year, I’m also taking the time to look at the way I’m investing my time personally, professionally, and with MCDA. I’ve set specific goals I’d like to accomplish and need to be intentional if I want to meet them.

One of these goals was to revise our website (since technology has changed but our website had not). It feels really good to be able to check that one off of the list. We have ongoing content edits planned, but the site itself is in a much more sustainable place for the foreseeable future.

In working with clients, it is important to consider how we are investing our time in that relationship and through sessions, especially as those relationships develop. Initially, we might be focused on one specific presenting issue or just building rapport. If we stay in that space for too long, though, we limit what we offer.

By being intentional in reflecting on how we are investing our time, we can add even more value. A resume can only be refined so much, especially if the roadblock to employment is interviewing skills. Shifting the investment of time to the area that can lead to the greatest growth is essential to provide maximum support to the people we serve.

Finding time to analyze investments is not easy to do, but the results it can provide can be truly life changing. Hopefully, you can add more time for intentional investment as well and see the impact in the lives of your clients.

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