Participants Share Experiences with MCDA Mentor Program

By Jodi Holden, MCDA Board Member

“I encourage you to consider volunteering as the program’s next co-chair! It’s a great way to use or build your program management talents to ensure the continued success of this valuable professional development and community-building program.” ~Naomi Hagen 2017-2019 Co-chair

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Program Accolades

“As someone new to the career development field, my experience both as a mentee and a co-chair of the mentoring program helped me increase my understanding of the field, make valuable connections, and ease the transition to my new career. I think mentoring is a really valuable activity, so volunteering as co-chair was a really meaningful way for me to give back to the MCDA and to help other career professionals.”
 ~ Lisa Ash, 2017-2019 co-chair

After benefitting from the MCDA Mentoring Program as a mentee, I became a program co-chair two years ago. It felt great to give back to the program that helped me build meaningful relationships within the MCDA and gifted me with mentors that cared about my success. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the strong partnership my co-chair and I created to keep the program running smoothly and to make continued improvements. It’s been great to have a partner to brainstorm and refine ideas with and to share the work.”
~ Naomi Hagen, 2017-2019 Co-chair

“Participating in the MCDA mentorship program is a must for all career development professionals. For mentees, it offers opportunities for guided growth to increase self-confidence, technical acumen, networking opportunities, and more! For mentors, it allows for ‘giving back’ to our discipline by investing in the future in the field. Mentors can build meaningful relationships while strengthening their interpersonal skills and knowledge of others in career development.” 
~ Multiple-year mentor 

“As a professional entering career services, I felt my involvement with the mentorship program provided an opportunity to gain insight and network with a professional who had experience in the field. I greatly benefited from (my mentor’s) perspective in having experience in higher ed and non higher ed…. I think the program went great. I got more out of it than I was expecting. Definitely take advantage of the opportunity. Again, as someone new to career services, it was great to gain perspective from someone who has had many experiences in my field and outside of it!!” 
~ 2017-18 mentee

“Mentoring, has been one of my most positive professional experiences. Donna Bennett and I were the founders and first “chairs” of the MCDA mentoring program and I am pleased to learn that this activity will continue. As an ENFP – I love to be a part of conversations and to me, that is what mentoring is all about. I prefer face-to- face dialogue, although, I know that others are just as impacted with online correspondence. I relished getting together with my mentees to discuss my professional activities as a career counselor having worked in various venues.  I felt that I could support, encourage and assist other career counseling professionals as they found their professional place, passion and niche within the significant world of career counseling.”
~ Nancy White, MCDA Mentor Program Co-founder and former Co-chair.

“Many career counselors and coaches have come into our profession from other careers and professional fields. Partnering with a mentor, gives them a foundation from which to build, and to carve out their own unique style of coaching. For mentors, it keeps us sharp and tuned in to the trends in our chosen field, and reminds us of the rewards of building relationships with our colleagues and clients. We give back, yet, we receive so much more!”
~ Donna Bennett, MCDA Mentoring Program Co-founder and former Co-chair.