May RoundTable: Prepping Clients for Job Search Success – The Recruiter’s Perspective

Why is there a disconnect between what the recruiters/hiring managers want and what candidates supply in the form of their resume?  Is it really that difficult to match skills and experience with the needs of the position?  Why can’t candidates read the job description to understand the needs of the opportunity rather than sending the same resume for every job application?

The life of being a corporate recruiter or agency recruiter are a bit different within each culture but the end goal is the same; to find the perfect match for job openings.  This should be a fairly simple task but sometimes the resumes that candidates submit are not tailored to apply to the job of focus.  They don’t ‘connect the dots’ so the recruiter can’t see the value-adds that the candidate has for the particular job.  Recruiters are working on MANY job openings at one time and have much timeline pressures to deal with.  If it’s the hiring manager or the agency’s manager, there are deadlines for placement that are constant and working with human capital can be very tricky and unpredictable.

Recruiters just want the facts.  What skills and experience does the candidate have and does it match up to the needs on the job description?  If the candidate can’t articulate that connection, they will be passed up for others that can.  Agency recruiters are paid based on placements (commissions).  Corporate recruiters are paid a set salary but still have the pressures of filling orders for their hiring managers with qualified candidates.  The end goal is still the same.  Fill the openings with qualified talent in the shortest possible time.

Come and learn how to coach clients to be best candidates that will attract the attention of recruiters for placement in a good way!

About Our Facilitator

Tom Colosimo is a Career Architect/Coach.  He prides himself as being a ‘master connector’ for networking and helping people connect with people for success.  Tom is not your typical career coach/advisor.  Along the way, Tom has been an accountant within manufacturing, retail and banking compliance for over 20 years.  He then went on to be a third-party recruiter for 6 years doing ‘match-making’ within the finance, accounting, marketing, engineering and technology areas of focus.  

Tom also has worked within large companies such as Wells Fargo as a contract corporate recruiter utilizing major ATS talent tracking systems.

Tom worked for 8 years at the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business as a Graduate Career Coach/Corporate Relations Manager for the business programs on the Minneapolis Campus.  In this role, Tom excelled at making many corporate connections for the MBA students, bring hundreds of corporate partners to the campus for internships, and perm placements. 

Currently, Tom speaks regionally for the PMI (Project Manager Institute), workforce centers and other professional and community groups on the topics of networking, working with recruiters, LinkedIn and resume development.  He is active within community Adult Education programs as well as 3 local universities and with Best Prep and Junior Achievement within local high schools.  Tom also works with Human Capital Partners as a career architect assisting people who have recently been laid off from major companies in the Twin Cities area. 

Tom enjoys sailing in the summer on the St. Croix River and playing music year-round.  He lives in Oakdale with his wife Barb.  They have two adult daughters; Anna and Emily.

When: May 22, 2019

Where: Davanni’s in Woodbury, 1905 Donegal Dr, Woodbury, MN 55125, (651) 739-1010

Cost: free


We look forward to seeing you!

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