Consider participating in the MCDA 2022-2023 Mentor Program

MCDA is pleased to announce the 2022-2023 MCDA Mentoring Program!

This 10-year-old program offers a valuable opportunity to gain personalized career development practitioner knowledge, improve skills, build confidence, expand professional networks, and build long-lasting relationships. Details will be emailed to members and individuals on the MCDA mailing list in August, but here are some highlights now.

  • Program timing: October 2022 – May 2023

Mentors and Mentees meet once a month. A list of suggested conversation topics is provided, but content should be tailored to the mentee’s needs.

  • NEW this year – Flash Mentoring!

If you are a new career professional, do not feel the need for an extended mentoring relationship, but might appreciate some quick advice conversations, mentors will be asked to be available for quick consultations that we call Flash Mentoring.

  • The program is a free benefit to MCDA members.

If you’re not already a member, please do join!  Visit for membership details.

Please consider participating as either a Mentor (Career professional with at least 5 years’ experience) or as a Mentee (graduate student, or if you have responsibilities that include career coaching elements, or you are new to the career development field).

I know personally how extremely rewarding this experience can be, so I encourage you to dive in!  It really is minimal effort with so much to gain. Take some summer time to think about it.  An application and further details will be emailed and made available in August. I’m happy to answer questions, too.

Please help us spread the word with Career professional veterans and newbies – and invite them to join MCDA if they are not already members!

Thank you!

Jennifer Rogers
MCDA Board member, Professional Development Committee, Mentor Program Coordinator

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