December President’s Corner: Reflections on 2018

by Gordon Helle, MCDA President


As each year comes to a close, I like to take some time to reflect back on what I’ve experienced, what I’ve done, and how I’ve changed since the start of the year.

This year, it is impossible to perform that reflection without MCDA being right in the center of it. Even in the few months since I’ve started my term as president, we’ve had an amazing Fall Event, a broad offering of RoundTables, and more behind the scenes planning and dreaming than you’ll ever know.

Hopefully, you’ll start seeing the fruits of this dreaming as the year progresses (and into years to come).

The theme for MCDA this year is “One at a Time.” and that has driven my reflection as well. It’s so easy to jump around from thing to thing, but really focusing in on individual moments, relationships, and experiences helps in gaining meaningful insights. I hope you are able to make some time to focus on the things in your life, both good and difficult, and set your focus for what your next “One at a Time” will be.

This exercise of reflection is also something I like to do with career clients I work with. It’s not as much having an annual activity as it is shrinking it down into the relationship we have. For some, it’s a simple re-cap at the end of a single session where we discuss the skills and insight they now have which they didn’t before. For others, it’s a reflection on the amazing journey of self-discovery and growth they’ve experienced over the past weeks, months, or even years.

There is amazing power in speaking into being the things you’ve seen change and even more power in the client you are working with to speak it themselves.


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