“Emotional Intelligence, Diversity and Inclusion”

About Anne Phibbs, PhD:

Anne is the Founder and President of Strategic Diversity Initiatives. Anne brings over 25 years’ experience helping organizations advance their equity, diversity, and inclusion goals. She is adept at assessing an organization’s strengths and challenges and tailoring her approach to its context, culture, and goals. www.strategicdi.com

With extensive experience in training, teaching, curriculum development, and training of trainers, Anne has delivered hundreds of workshops and classes for thousands of participants in corporate, government, higher education, nonprofit, healthcare, and faith community settings.

Anne built a successful diversity and inclusion leadership program at the University of Minnesota, with a focus on emotional intelligence (EI) and she is an EI Practitioner certified in the EQ-i2.0 and EQ360 methods. As Director of Education at the University of Minnesota, she was responsible for developing and implementing their successful Certificate Program, a series of 10 Workshops designed to increase capacity for diversity and inclusion work across every part of the institution.

A seasoned consultant, Ann is able to work with small and large organizations on a variety of diversity and inclusion needs, including diversity audits, diversity plans, customized training, and leadership development. Anne earned her PhD in Philosophy and Feminist Studies from the University of Minnesota and lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.