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Minnesota Career Development Association

President’s Corner — Spring Forward

This has been a crazy spring following an unpredictable winter. We were just shoveling ourselves out of a record-breaking snowstorm, and now, a few weeks later, we in the Twin Cities are enjoying 90-degree weather.

I don’t know what this spring and summer will bring, but I know the warm weather has revitalized many of us. We are ready to engage with new clients, graduation activities, summer hirings, and whatever else comes our way in the next few months.

2018 MCDA Careers Conference audienceAs you know, MCDA’s theme this year – and challenge to all our members is – ENGAGE! As career practitioners, each of us is invited to engage in MCDA. Many of us engaged in this year’s Careers Conference on April 27.

You are also invited to attend our monthly RoundTable discussions, and are encouraged to offer in-person or online professional development events in your region of the state, like those in Northern Minnesota.

Serving as president of MCDA is an honor. I hope that this year I have helped foster a spirit of engagement, innovation and inclusiveness. The Board of Trustees and I are invested in making MCDA an inviting association for career practitioners working in a variety of settings, in all stages of their careers.

We are always looking for new voices to engage in MCDA activities. You are invited to connect with me or and Board member to share your ideas.

We are especially interested in:2017-2018 MCDA Board of Trustees

  • Engaging career practitioners in Southern and Central Minnesota
  • Professional development for middle/high school and youth program advisors
  • Keeping MCDA fiscally responsible
  • Using social media in new and relevant ways
  • Expanding resources on the MCDA website

MCDA is your professional community. We are here for your professional development. So this spring, take the opportunity to engage.

Keep looking up,
Denise Felder
President, 2017/2018

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