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Minnesota Career Development Association

March 2016 Newsletter (Vol. 2)


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President’s Corner

Dear MCDA Friends,

Welcome to spring! Robin Williams said, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!'”. Speaking of a party — a learning and networking party, that is — I’m really excited about this year’s Minnesota Careers Conference. In addition to the fantastic breakout sessions offered, we are looking forward to hearing Keynote speaker, Amy Lindgren’s expert advice and wisdom about our professional growth and plans as career professionals. Also, we’ll have an opportunity to learn with PDI presenter Bruce Roselle who will help us build our confidence in the work that we do. I can’t wait to see you there!

MCDA would like to thank member, past board member, and administrator Anne Templeman for her work with the important and demanding administrative requirements of our organization.

Anne TemplemanThank you to our Administrator (2014-2016), Anne Templeman

Anne stepped up at a very critical time during conference registration in 2014, and quickly made the process more manageable. Anne, we are forever grateful for the work and dedication you have given to MCDA and are fortunate to call you a colleague and a friend!

Introducing our new MCDA Administrator, Sheryl Snitkin

Sheryl SnitkinHello! I am Sheryl Snitkin, owner of Urban Admin. I started my own Virtual Assistant business in 2009 after many years in the corporate world as an Executive Assistant to C-level executives. I have a passion for the type of work I do and I always strive for excellence. I support my clients with a variety of traditional administrative tasks as well as newsletters, light web edits and anything else I can learn. For some fun tidbits about me and to see recommendations from my clients, you can check out my website at I’m excited to be working with MCDA and look forward to meeting many of you!

Join me in welcoming Sheryl to MCDA!

– Vic Massaglia
MCDA President, 2015-2016

Minnesota Careers Conference 2016

Registration OPEN Now!

More information available here.

*Early Bird Pricing Until April 15th! Please note After April 15, the pricing of the events will increase.

Professional Development Institute

Move from Inadequate to Authentic!”

Facilitator: Bruce E. Roselle, PhD, LP

Bruce RoselleIn this insightful and challenging session, you will come to recognize how the fraud factor (feeling inauthentic) undermines your success and that of the people you serve. You will see that, while it is important to build new skills and perspectives throughout your life, you will be optimally effective when you stay true to who you are at the core. You will explore your core personality, abilities, motivators, and thinking, and you will understand why it is impossible to be highly effective if you stray from the nucleus of who you are. Learn more

Main Conference Day Keynote

“Your Future as a Careers Professional: Carving a Path Without Limits”

Keynote Speaker: Amy Lindgren

Amy LindgrenYou’ve been helping others navigate career paths dotted with layoffs, training decisions, self-employment and courageous leaps of faith…what about your career path? If you don’t have a plan, you’re as vulnerable as any client or student you may advise.

Come hear about your profession’s history and prospects for the future while you consider your own place in one of the most dynamic fields there is. Whether you work for yourself, or for industry, government, nonprofit or academia, your path awaits. Learn more

Current membership rate is $55.00, so save by renewing now for lower conference rate!

During the past year, MCDA has gone through our membership records to ensure that everything is up to date. To assist with this process, take a moment to log into your account and verify all the information we have on record. Thank you for your assistance.

Recap of MCDA’s Winter Event 2016

“The Future Starts Today: Preparing for a Diverse Workforce”

MCDA’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee hosted our Winter Event on March 11, 2016. Thanks go out for the two recent events coordinated by our Board of Trustees members, Denise Felder and Henok Fanta.

MCDA Winter 2016

On March 11, participants engaged in a fun training on this topic. The event was attended by about 30 career practitioners from a variety of work settings in education and workforce development. Cecilia and Malissa Stanton Adams led the group in innovative and interactive activities. A native of New York, Cecilia kept the audience entertained with humorous anecdotes from her experiences in New York and Minnesota, adding another dimension to diversity between states!

There were compelling discussions on the modern day interpretation of diversity, how it relates to culture, ethnicity, gender, religion, marital and economic status, and how it is likely to influence the workforce in the coming years. The discussions and activities were interspersed with enlightening videos demonstrating how technology and a widely heterogeneous workforce were projected to bring about significant changes in the workplace within our working lives in the not too distant future.

Attendees examined their own personal identities, and also shared ideas for helping job seekers to prepare for an inclusive, global workplace in which candidates are expected to have the intercultural and interpersonal competencies to work with people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

MCDA Winter 2016

MCDA Round Table

May’s MCDA Round Table will be hosted by Bev Lutz, MCC, CPCC and David Peeples on the topic of “Cultural Intelligence: What’s vulnerability got to do with it?”

Join fellow members and interested others on Wednesday, May 18 from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

If you plan to attend, send an RSVP to

Welcome a contribution of $5.00 for a meal.

Northside Achievement Zone Location: Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ)
2123 West Broadway Avenue #100
Minneapolis, MN 55411

Directions: NAZ is located at the corner of W. Broadway Ave. & Penn Ave. If members park in the Penn Ave Lot, please park in spaces that have signage for only Northside Achievement Zone. However, you can park anywhere within the larger Broadway Lot.

* * * * *

Career professionals are well aware of emotional intelligence (EQ). We know the importance of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management (Goleman’s model) for our own careers and for our clients. But what about cultural intelligence? What comes to mind? Is it knowledge of different races, religions, generations, disabilities? Is it something a job seeker needs for international assignments or does it matter just as much in local placements? Is it even possible for clients or career professionals to be sufficiently savvy about cultures when there is so much to learn and the work world landscape is in such constant change?

During this session, David and Bev will introduce a CQ (Cultural Intelligence) model and invite you to explore its usefulness to your work and that of your clients. As a group we’ll look at the relationship of CQ, EQ and the role of vulnerability. Is vulnerability critical to career counselors’ and coaches’ success? Why? Why not? Is it critical for career transitions and job-seeker success?

Bev LutzBev Lutz, MCC, CPCC, has been coaching in and out of organizations for over 25 years. She’s developed Global Leadership training, diversity dialogues and other custom trainings and is currently helping solopreneurs demystify organizations. She’s associate faculty at Adler Graduate School, over the years teaching in their Management Consulting and Organizational Leadership, Life Coaching, and Career Coaching and Counseling programs.

David PeeplesDavid Peeples, Associate Director of Talent Management at Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ) is a seasoned, hands-on leader with 20+ years’ experience in launching creative processes to eliminate Generational Poverty. He has organized one-on-one coaching strategies to influence participants within community organizations to believe in transformative initiatives. He has been trained in both Emotional Intelligence and Motivational Interviewing techniques.

Roundtables are part presentation, but more about conversation. Come prepared to learn and then contribute your experience and perspective as we tap the wisdom of the group.

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