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Minnesota Career Development Association

May 2016 Newsletter (Vol. 3)


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President’s Corner

Dear MCDA Friends,

Hi everyone. Get ready for an action-packed newsletter!

If I had to sum up this year’s Minnesota Careers Conference in two words, I’d have to say: “Wow & Wow!” Of the many highlights of the conference was the guest appearance of career development pioneer Sunny Hansen.

A big thank you to the MCDA Conference Planning Committee and their Chair Katie Ness, the presenters, sponsors, and all who attended and supported our learning and networking event. And, congratulations to this year’s award winners.

Everyone’s participation made it a wonderful experience. Again, Wow! 

Speaking of thank yous, I’d like to give Jim Fridley a big shout out for all of the work he has done with our Mentorship program. He and board member Andrea Mayer have worked tirelessly to make this important initiative a huge success. Jim needs to bow out of the roll but has left it in great hands under the leadership of Kim Bartels.

Heads Up! We have a call out for upcoming MCDA leadership opportunities! Check your email now to review nomination guidance for MCDA Board of Director openings. 

Personally speaking, serving on the board has been an incredible experience for me and has certainly helped me both professionally and personally. Feel free to contact me and/or other board members; we’d be more than happy to tell you about our experiences.

VicLook out for information coming soon regarding the MCDA Five-Year Strategic Planning initiatives. We hope to start the process in June and complete it in August. The Strategic Planning Committee consists of Jeff Allen, Kim Marrone, U of MN Human Resource Development Intern Jaime Gardner, and me.

Best wishes and remember: Together, we can create a positive future.  Vic Massaglia, MCDA President, 2015-2016

Conference Highlights

Professional Development Institute:PDI

On April 28, the Minnesota Career Development Association (MCDA) presented an inspiring Professional Development Institute on the topic, “Move from Inadequate to Authentic”, at the scenic Normandale Community College campus.

In today’s dynamic workplace where job seekers are expected to make multiple career changes during their work life, they can find themselves confronted by new information, perspectives and situations that may be radically different from theirs. These situations can create feelings of dissonance and in extreme cases result in instability which can make them feel unauthentic in their new roles.

Executive coach, Dr. Bruce Roselle, gave an engaging presentation on how to recognize and overcome these feelings of inadequacy when facing a significant change, and how to change our approach to accommodate the new reality by being true to ourselves, and by recognizing and leveraging our unique personality traits, abilities and values to be better able to cope and embrace the change.

Bruce RoselleAttendees were led through several stimulating group discussions which helped them identify situations they had encountered, recognize feelings of inadequacy, and determine the factors that undermined effectiveness at the workplace and beyond. Participants learned how to find their authentic selves under such circumstances and lead from that sound foundation.

Participants received copies of Bruce’s book, The Fraud Factor. In this book, leaders learn how to remain their authentic selves, be trusted and avoid a number of pitfalls and costs. The book was officially published on May 17 and is now available to the public.

Main Conference Day- Keynote:

Amy LindgrenOn April 29, MCDA featured Amy Lindgren, President of Prototype Career Services and nationally syndicated columnist, who gave an enlightening keynote address on “Your Future as a Careers Professional: Carving a Path without Limits”, as the packed audience was treated to insights on visions of the future and prompted to plan for challenges to our profession.

Amy is co-author of a 2016 workbook for older job seekers, I’d Rather Be WORKING: A Practical, Successful, Focused RE-Employment Approach After 50. Signed copies by Jay Dregni and Amy were available for sale at the Conference.

After many days of Spring showers, the day dawned bright and sunny on Friday, for MCDA’s Minnesota Careers Conference.

Participants registered in the spacious lobby of the Partnership Center at Normandale Community College, before proceeding to the Garden Room, with views of waterway near the beautiful Japanese Garden, where they mingled with other colleagues while they enjoyed breakfast and reconvened for lunch.

MCDA’s president, Vic Massaglia gave an overview of MCDA’s activities during the past year, and then later acknowledged past and present MCDA Board members, Conference Committee members and volunteers. Conference Planning Committee Chair, Katie Ness, was specifically thanked for her outstanding coordination.

A very special guest on this occasion was globally-renowned career development theorist, former MCDA President and Board Member, Dr. Sunny Hansen. Abigail Nones, who completed her career counseling internship at the University of Minnesota’s College of Liberal Arts’ Career Center, was awarded the Sunny Hansen Graduate Student Award. Abigail later posed, for member and volunteer photographer Steve Chirpich, with her award’s namesake for a photo before they sat down for a lunch together.

Kim Marrone, our incoming president, announced winners during the conference award ceremony. Jim Lewis was honored with the 2016 Jules Kerlan Award. MCDA Board Member, Gordon Helle, was awarded the Marty Dockman award this year.

Participants attended a number of round table and breakout sessions on topics related to career development and student advising. At the wrap-up for the day’s activities, door prizes were given to a few lucky participants who won the drawing.

Thank you to the Conference Committee, Normandale Community College and our Sponsors:

Assessment Associates International
Career Partners International-Twin Cities
Career Management Services
Stacknology: Hire Wire
Core Passion

Summer Get Together


Let’s Party! Come over for a Summer Get Together, hosted at the home of MCDA member Megan Meuli

In lieu of the bi-monthly Round Table, we’ll gather to enjoy Friends, Food, & Fun! 


Time: Wednesday, July 27th at 5pm – 7:00pm

Location:  7336 Aldrich Ave S Richfield, MN 55423

Bring Meat for Grilling!             

RSVP to  or 612-352-8457

Upcoming Elections

Elections for the 2016-2018 Board of Trustees will be happening soon. Friends, you’ve just received an email from MCDA with information on how to nominate a candidate.

News Feature from NCDA

By Paul Timmins, NCDA President, 2017-2018

Throughout my career, I’ve connected with several professional associations, but I’ve always found that my connections with MCDA and the National Career Development Association (NCDA) have been the most rewarding. MCDA and NCDA are where I reconnect with the heart of my job: Helping to foster others’ career development.

Paul and SunnyWhen I served as MCDA president in 2008-2009, I began making connections with career development leaders in other states, and those connections led me to run for a position on the NCDA board. Now, after a few years of service on the national board, I’ve been elected as a future president of NCDA. After two years as a president-elect, I’ll serve as NCDA president in 2017-2018.

Talk about overwhelming!

In my role as president, I’ll be leading the association as we provide professional development opportunities to professionals across the country and as we advocate for national support of career development work. I’m currently working hard on several projects related to the upcoming conference in Chicago (I hope to see many of you there!). And, earlier this spring, I participated in the National Convening on Career Development, in Washington, D.C., when NCDA joined with a coalition of other professional groups and government representatives to discuss the importance of helping students and career changers make more informed decisions about careers.

As I’m looking ahead to my term as president, two key things I know will be important to me are:

  • welcoming members from different backgrounds
  • promoting continuing education of our members so we’re all well-prepared to serve our diverse clients.

A History of Leadership in Career Development

I’m mindful that Minnesota has a long history of leadership within the career development profession, so I have big shoes to fill.

Sunny Hansen, a professor emeritus at the University of Minnesota, served as NCDA’s president in 1985-86, and later became one of a very small number of people who also served as president of our parent group, the American Counseling Association. In recognition of her work training career development professionals, MCDA’s graduate student award is named in her honor. So, knowing how much she’s meant to our profession, it was a privilege to talk with her for a few minutes during the Minnesota Careers Conference this spring.

I salute all of you for the work that you do. It’s hard work and it isn’t recognized as well as it should be. But it is important! All of us have a responsibility to continue promoting and elevating our profession.

Meet the State CDA Leadership Team

By CDA’s Leadership Team

In November 2015, Wendy LaBenne, State Trustee for the NCDA Board of Directors, asked three people to join her in a collaborative initiative to form a leadership team. To build the team, Wendy targeted individuals who understand the issues and needs associated with state career development association (CDA) chapters. Three individuals who are past-presidents of their respective state CDAs were identified (pictured in order).

  • Marcie Schumert, Webster University – Past-President Missouri; Past Membership Chair
  • Darren Kaltved, University of Minnesota – Past-President-Minnesota; NCDA Leadership Academy Alum: Leadership Project developed a State CDA Board Member Orientation
  • Melody Kruzic, Capella University – Past-President-Missouri; Board Member – Minnesota-Chaired Professional Development committee, led committee that launched mentoring program and co-developed and launched monthly MCDA round tables

As this team gets more established, they anticipate opportunities for additional former state CDA presidents to get involved, with a potential committee style format. Ideally, it will be a diverse group with individuals from different geographic locations across the country.

Project Summary (The “Toolkit”)

Based on feedback the team received from the state CDA needs assessment conducted in Fall 2015, three areas were identified on which to focus. These include leadership development, membership recruitment, along with retention, engagement and communication. The team will first identify ways to assist state leaders through leadership development training.

In addition, they are working on building a robust model based upon Darren’s Orientation Toolkit presented at NCDA’s global conference in 2015, as part of the organization’s Leadership Academy project. The objective is to create a more comprehensive toolkit that will include information, resources and tools/strategies in the areas of:

  • Leadership Development (i.e. succession planning, developing organizational leaders, managing committees effectively, and developing clear position descriptions);
  • Membership & Marketing (i.e. membership recruitment and marketing/communication, member retention and engagement, and professional development best practices);
  • Legal & Fiduciary Management (i.e. what it means to be a non-profit, budget management, by-laws, taxes, policies and regulations, and insurance);
  • Strategic Planning & Goal Setting (i.e. developing SMART goals, developing a mission, vision and values, SWOT analysis, and developing a strategic plan
  • Technology (i.e. webinar and presentation technology, membership database management, payment services, and website management and best practices).

This toolkit will be available to all established and emerging State CDA’s.   Stay tuned for developments in this area!

NCDA 2016 Conference

YOU can still make it to Chicago!

Don’t miss out on this fantastic event! Come to Chicago to experience one of the best conferences to learn about career development and connect with colleagues from around the nation and the world.

Register now! Deadline date is June 13

Chicago is expected to be popular location for the conference so don’t delay your conference registration and booking your hotel room! Presentation details are available in the registration brochure.

7/1 FEATURED PRESENTATION – Navigating the Minefield: Bully-Proofing the Workplace

Fear often gets in the way of work productivity, effective decision-making, and work-life balance. Numerous studies report that over 25% of employees are bullied at some point in their work life, and nearly 50% will witness bullying. This seminar will define bullying, provide guidance for employees who deal with daily fear from workplace bullying and share approaches with counselors who work with them. Specific interventions to use in the job search and on-the-job will be part of the highlights.

DeanDean R. DeGroot is a career consultant and licensed psychologist. He has been involved as a change agent for individuals and organizations for over 26 years. Personal improvement, training, and psychological assessment/testing are areas I which Dean has made a difference. Dean is currently proprietor of Innerview Consulting, where he provides career/selection/organizational assessment, team building, and one-to-one counseling. Refocusing direction and conquering fear are often life’s challenges, and they are the value often achieved when clients collaborate with Dean.

Dean is a past MCDA president, former board of trustees member, and recipient of the MCDA Marty Dockman Merit Award in 2003, along with the Jules Kerlan Outstanding Achievement Award in 2015.

7/1 CAREER TALK – 365 Days of Networking: An Ultramarathon of Collecting Insights, Ideas, and Inspiration

We know the stats—80% of jobs are the result of networking. The presenter will describe how he set out on a yearlong networking project to gather stories detailing the many ways this often mysterious process unfolds. Come hear what he learned from hundreds of conversations, encounters, and exchanges. For a project preview take a look at the blog:

BillBill Baldus is Director at Metropolitan State University’s Career Center and has served as a career counselor there. He earned his B.A. in humanities from St. John’s University and M.A. in cultural geography from the University of  Minnesota. With over 20 years of experience working in higher education and corporate environments, Bill has been a board member of the MCDA and recently the co-chair of the Minnesota College and University Career Services Association diversity committee.

Career Corner

Contributed by Nicholle Skalski a bilingual Senior Career Advisor at Walden University with has over 10 years combined teaching, academic and career advising, and international student recruiting experience in diverse educational settings in the U.S. and Mexico.

‘Tell me about yourself’: Strategies for Telling Your Career Story

While giving an interview, one of the most challenging questions your clients face is, “tell me about yourself”. This seemingly basic question and the direction they choose to go when answering it can make or break their chances of getting a job.

This is an opportunity for your clients to tell their career story – not the story of their life!

The Power of Storytelling

Research conducted by psychologists and neurologists tell us that stories form the basis of how humans think, organize and remember information. In addition to strengthening their brand, coach clients that sharing career experiences using storytelling techniques is a great strategy for a number of purposes, such as:

  • Self assessing your skills and strengths;
  • Helping you become confident, convincing, and persuasive;
  • Establishing your identity and revealing your personality;
  • Establishing trust and communicating what you have to offer;
  • Making you memorable by connecting with your audience.

Your Stories Must Be Memorable

In order for your clients’ stories to be powerful, they need to be memorable. People rarely remember facts or accomplishments. When details are included in a story, we remember its core or central theme. To make your clients’ story remarkable, ask them to generate a theme.

What is the Theme of the Story?

When helping your clients craft their story, it is helpful to keep these questions in mind:

  • What is the central theme or message you would like to convey to your audience?
  • How are you sharing your passions with others?
  • Did your networking efforts lead to a new career opportunity?
  • How did your volunteer work help to build your skills and relationships?

The Elements of Building the Story

Career practitioners need to emphasize that clients’ stories should come from their accomplishments:

  • Are you the community educator with a passion for HIV prevention?
  • The brilliant strategist with a knack for relationship building and sales?
  • How about the leader who inspires her teammates with a passion for student success?

Clients Share Their Story

Clients need to be advised that whenever possible, they should integrate parts of their story throughout the job search process and career marketing documents. An example could be adding their passions and accomplishments to their cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn Profile. Clients could write about their research and industry trends in a blog. They could even use an e-portfolio to communicate their story to employers even when they are not present.

Adapted from the original blog post with Walden University Career Services Center and shared March 2016 on LinkedIn Pulse.

Irene Rossman Memorial Scholarship

IreneApplication Period Open!

Irene was a past president and long term member of MCDA’s Board of Trustees, and she was passionate about creating a vibrant career community in the Twin Cities area.  As many of you know, we lost our dear friend  to lung cancer in December of 2015.

MCDA has partnered with Irene’s family and also her employer, Career Partners International (CPI) Twin Cities to establish a scholarship in her name.

Scholarship Mission:

Irene was a leader in the field of career coaching and development. She was known for her positive spirit, hospitality and consistent drive to encourage individuals to pursue meaningful and satisfying work. Her own career path was an inspirational testament to the power of career transition and overcoming obstacles along the way.

The scholarship’s purpose is to continue Irene’s legacy by providing a monetary award to assist individuals in pursing their goals in the career development field.  The scholarship funds may be awarded for education, professional development or certification programs.

Application Overview

Application deadline:  July 15, 2016

The scholarship will be awarded September 2016


  • Tuition fees up to $1200 paid to the educational program/workshop or conference of your choice
  • One year paid membership to the Minnesota Career Development Association (MCDA)
  • Complimentary registration to the MCDA Annual Minnesota Careers Conference in Spring 2017

To apply, you’ll be able to access an Application Form on the Irene Rossman Memorial Scholarship page

Volunteer with MCDA and Share Career Development with Colleagues

We are seeking Members (YOU!) to submit content for the MCDA Newsletter, which is published every other month

Looking for Members to Submit Articles on: 

  • Relevant and Ready-to-Apply Content
  • Practical Tools and Thought Leaders
  • Highlight Innovative and Effective Best Practices
  • Contributions to our Field and ways to Foster Professional Growth

Help Us Lead the Way in Offering Improved Client Services!


‘Career Corner’ Coaching Tips:  What’s your favorite technique/s or exercise/s to empower or guide clients to accomplish goals? How has your work changed to keep up with new demands and trends? Tell us your story or spotlight another member. Highs and lows shape our approaches so let us discover together and achieve success.

Book or Online Resource Review:  Has a book impacted you deeply? Why is this book on your top go-to list? What messages online are local and national thought leaders featuring that we may have missed?

Innovative Initiatives & Best Practices:  Take your turn in featuring a local and/or national thought leader in an upcoming issue. Surprise us with news on a special project at a MCDA member’s organization or little known specialty developed in your enterprise or program, then tell us how our clients or we can benefit.

After reviewing a proposal, an agreement on content will influence article length which may range from 100-300+ words.  Contact the current Editor team at for additional details on submitting an article. Reach out about upcoming deadlines and publication dates.

Considering running for election or have a candidate in mind?  A board member has the added advantage of shaping the future direction of the newsletter!

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