Below is information on some of our upcoming events. If you missed a Zoom event, you can view the recordings here.

Authentic Advocady: Career Development and Social Justice

  • March Webinar
  • March 23rd via Zoom 6 – 7:30pm
  • As we face an increasingly complex social, political and economic charged climate, our work as career development professionals,our role as advocates is more important than ever. Participants will examine the intersection of career development and social justice to help to advocate for diversity, equality, and inclusion and to promote social justice

The Pipeline Problem: How to overcome barriers and create lasting connections between diverse talent and top corporations

  • May Webinar
  • May 20 via Zoom 6 -7:30pm
  •  “The demand for tech talent has never been higher, yet low-income and first-generation students still face barriers to launching successful STEM careers. Genesys Works is a non-profit social enterprise that seeks to solve this pipeline problem by connecting students in underserved communities to skills training, meaningful internships, and long-term career success. Learn about how Genesys Works partnered with corporations to create a Talent Development Pipeline (TDP), beginning with high school internships and ending with full-time careers. Discuss strategies to prevent career undermatching, foster lasting networks, and connect diverse young professionals directly to the top companies who want to hire them.”