How to Connect with MCDA on Social Media

On Twitter

Using your own Twitter account, follow @mn_mcda.

2-4 times a week:

  • Retweet a post from MCDA – click the 2 critical arrows icon. You can write a comment (optional), then click the Retweet button.
  • Favorite a tweet from MCDA – click the heart icon below the tweet.
  • When you tweet something of interest to MCDA members, include @mn_mcda in your message for potential retweets

On Facebook

Using your own Facebook account, search for the business page “Minnesota Career Development Association.”

  • Click “Like” or “Follow” to have MCDA posts appear in your feed.

At least once a week:

  • React (like, love, wow, etc.) to post from MCDA
  • Share MCDA posts on your feed
  • Tag @MNMCDA on items you post that would be of interest to MCDA members
  • When applicable, RSVP for MCDA events

On LinkedIn

From your LinkedIn account, search for the company page “Minnesota Career Development Association.”

  • Click “Follow” to have MCDA post appear in your feed.
  • NOTE: MCDA is using the company page as our main presence on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn group will be removed.

On your profile:

  1. Click on your photo to edit your profile.
  2. In the place where you list your membership to MCDA (in your Experience or Volunteer section), click the pencil icon to edit your MCDA entry.
  3. In the company field, reenter “Minnesota Career Development Association” so the company page name appears. Select the company page and save your changes.

Once a week:

  • Like a post from MCDA
  • Share an MCDA post on your feed
  • Comment on an MCDA post

Do you have ideas for MCDA’s social media? Send us a message on Facebook or tweet us.

We look forward to connecting with you!

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