Interview with the President; Stan Rosen (Baby Boomer)

We are featuring, for the next 5 months, one MCDA member from each of the 5 generations in the workplace – Traditonalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millenials, and Gen Z

This month I interviewed Baby Boomer, Stan Rosen, owner of Career Lifestyles

Stan Rosen

Talking with Stan Rosen leaves one feeling upbeat and enthusiastic — no matter the weather or the day!  I happened to interview Stan on a cool, rainy April day, when sunshine and blue sky would have been more than welcome.  No problem! I found that Stan brings blue sky and sunshine with his zest for life, and his lifelong passion to help others make a difference in their lives!

Stan attributes his passion to family values, and to a quote from the famous motivational speaker, Zig Ziglarwho said: “You will get everything you ever wanted out of life if you help enough other people get what they want”.

When he first heard these words, Stan shared them with his dad, a man who dedicated his life to operating Greater Lake Country Food Bank in Minneapolis.  His dad responded, “What do you think I’m trying to teach you?”  Stan’s dad, like many who operated family-owned businesses, hoped that his son would follow in his path.

However, Stan’s passion differed from his dad’s — rather than provide food for others, Stan wanted to help people get jobs — to buy food! 

Today, he operates his own career consulting/coaching business, and continues to use the philosophy of Zig Ziglar as a guide. 

Career Path

Like most career paths, Stan began as a young man seeking a job to earn an income.  He started out in the musical instrument business where training, marketing and sales provided him the most enjoyment.  Yet something was missing.  He enrolled in college and majored in teaching and marketing, fields in which he later launched his lifetime career. 

After college, Stan got a job with North St. Paul High School, and for 30 years, taught Sales and Marketing to both high school and college students, working days and evenings to fulfill his passion.  During this time, Stan developed and taught the first required Careers Course for graduating high school students.  He also taught consulting and training courses to small business and non-profits working evenings, summers and weekends. 

Stan gave up his teaching career 10 years ago, when a psychologist he met at a party, offered him an opportunity to work part-time in his office to provide career counseling services for his clients.  He saw a need that Stan could fill, and after 4 years, Stan’s business grew to a new, full-time career.

Stan is also an active volunteer with associations including MN DECA, a high school business club with over 5000 members in Minnesota, the Association for Talent Development (ATD), the National Career Development Association (NCDA), and Minnesota Career Development Association (MCDA); this is just a glimpse into where Stan offers his time and talent.


Stan’s ability to successfully help others, is attributed to his innate strengths as a good listener, ability to evaluate needs, to see the big picture, to help people develop, and most importantly to implement a plan of action! And I would add, his genuine enthusiasm for the well being of others!.

What attracted Stan to MCDA?

When he began his Career Counseling business, Stan saw a way to learn more about the field of Career Development and to interact with peers.  He attended Summer meetings of a MCDA Special Interest Group, and after a few years, he was encouraged to join. He has since been an active participant in MCDA events and committees, including serving on the Board of Trustees.

What, from Stan’s perspective, would attract more members to MCDA?

Stan would like to see wider marketing of our great association.  One suggestion he highly recommends is to market our events to High School Career and Technology teachers.  He sees this as an opportunity to give them and their students the benefit from MCDA’s excellent professional development and for MCDA to add a segment of exciting professionals to our association.

In closing, I asked Stan what he sees as the upside of 5 generations in the workplace:  “I learn so much, and find it energizing!”.

Look for Stan at our next event – he will be there, and be prepared to be energized!

Donna Bennett

President, MCDA 2019-2020

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