MCDA Hosts Fall Event on Job Seeker Social Networking

by Jodi Holden


MCDA would like to thank the 34 members and non-members who attended our October 22, 2018 Fall Event, Linked In + Twitter + Hiring Managers = Secret to Helping Job Seekers. Participants reported enjoying the breadth and depth of the content, exercises, ideas, practical tips and more.

We would also like to thank our speaker, Jen Radke, who shared her expertise, energy, and real-life examples with all attendees. Here is what our attendees had to say: “She was clearly an expert in her field. She knows her stuff and how to deliver it!” “Great energy & enthusiasm.”

Radke is an international speaker, author, and a NISM certified Social Media Strategist (SMS) and instructor. If any of the following situations apply, contact Radke to learn more at:,

  • If you have clients looking to retool or elevate their credibility in digital marketing or social media, then they may benefit from training and certification as a Social Media Strategist (SMS) through NISM.
  • If you work with employers trying to hire experienced digital marketing strategists, they may find the NISM free job board and SMS directory of professionals valuable.
  • If you or your clients own your own business and struggle to navigate the ever-changing world of social media marketing, then our Social Media Marketing Certificate course may be beneficial.

Radk’s upcoming events:


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