Fall Event Recap: Claiming Your Craft

Sarah is an enthusiastic student member of the MCDA. She is passionate about the process of discovering where one’s passion, gifting, and calling intersect. Sarah will earn her bachelor’s in Psychology from North Central University this spring, and she looks forward to coaching or counseling as a potential career path.

In this year’s Fall Event, the MCDA empowered career development professionals through a creative presentation on the practice of pausing amid the whirlwind of work and life.

Attendees welcomed the energy and expertise of Cindy Edwards and Victor Massaglia, two well-established leaders in the career development field. This dynamic team shared the benefits of stepping back to re-evaluate one’s identity and integrity in work. To reinforce the presentation, Edwards and Massaglia also provided a guided space for practicing each step of the reflection and evaluation process.

With passion and conviction, Edwards and Massaglia unveiled the impact of purpose, values, and vision on the career coach’s identity (who you are) and integrity (how you show up). Both presenters engaged attendees in deeper reflection by allowing time to share thoughts, ideas, and new purpose statements with one another.

Highlights from Edwards:

  • You serve your clients with true integrity when your work aligns with your whole identity.  
  • When your individual purpose is clearly established and your personal values are applied, you have the energy and focus to be the best coach or counselor you can be.
  • As you search within and retrace your inner landscape, it is vital to cement your findings by writing them down.

Massaglia unpacked the importance of an intentional philosophy and heartfelt vision in this process. He highlighted the following:

  • You soar when you go back to the “why” behind your work.
  • When you know exactly why you get up and go to work each morning, there is a sense of ownership in your profession.
  • Whether the final product is represented by a symbol, written statement, or a photograph, a visual reminder will re-center your vision as a career development professional.

To conclude the event, Edwards and Massaglia challenged each person to ponder and share one concrete action step they planned to take in moving forward. Attendees left the event equipped with a new understanding of how to truly claim their craft as career development professionals.

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