The Minnesota Career Development Association (MCDA) offers Webinars throughout the year on various topics of relevance to career development students, volunteers, and professional practitioners.  Webinars are open to all career professionals. MCDA members can register at no cost. 

Interested in leading a webinar? Contact Naomi Hagen at to propose your idea! 

Past Events have included:

Trends in Recruiting: COVID and Beyond – January 2022 – Panelists: Erin Koolen, Senior Account Executive at Beacon Hill Staffing Group,Derek Halen, Senior Recruiter – Talent Acquisition at Allianz Life, Renee Wharton – Recruiter and Campus Recruiter at BerganKDV, Bethany Kennedy, Business Development Manager at Doherty 

The Pipeline Problem: How to overcome barriers and create lasting connections between diverse talent and top corporations – April 2021 – led by Marit Aaseng

Authentic Advocacy: Career Development and Social Justice – March 2021 – led by Vic Massaglia 

Equity & Inclusion Development for Career Advisors – February 2021 – led by Denise Felder 

Professional Development Through Involvement – November 2020 – led by Adrian Perryman 

Expanding Economic Opportunity & Eliminating Workforce Barriers, facilitated by Jennifer Munt & Raul Sanchez – October 2020 – led by Jennifer Munt & Raul Sanchez

How to Work with Recruiters: The New Secret Sauce – September 2020 – led by Tom Colosimo 

Career Education for Students: Building a Career Readiness Framework – June 2020 – led by Bill Baldus 

Career Counseling During COVID-19: Navigating the Unknown – May 2020 – Roundtable discussion

Focus Forward: Increase Your Momentum on Purpose – March 2020 – led by Amy Zastrow 

The Scoop on NCDA Training and Credentialing – February 2020 – led by Marie Smith 

The Gig Economy: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly – November 2019 – led by Catherine Byers Breet

Behind the Mask: Understanding and Coaching to Invisible Disabilities – September 2019 – led by Cindy Edwards and Annie Montemayor

Prepping Clients for Job Search Success – The Recruiter’s Perspective – May 2019 – led by Annie Montemayor