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Minnesota Career Development Association

MCDA Honors New & Experienced Career Professionals

by Gordon Helle, MCDA President Elect

Each year, MCDA honors select members whose contributions to some aspect of career development are worthy of recognition. Congratulations to the four honorees listed below. The MCDA Awards ceremony was part of the 2018 Careers Conference on April 27.

2018 Award Winner is Darren KaltvedThe Jules Kerlan Outstanding Achievement Award recognizes an individual’s lifetime achievement of 15 years or more in the field of Career Development. Ideal candidates have provided at least three significant contributions to the career development field and made significant contributions to MCDA at some point in their career.

The 2018 Award Winner is Darren Kaltved, who meets those criteria with flying colors. Darren has made numerous contributions where he has worked at the University of Minnesota as well as in MCDA and Career Development as a whole. Some notable contributions are:

  • Co-authoring a book with Heather Nagle entitled “Love at First Interview – 8 Steps to Land a Job
  • Speaking regionally and nationally on career topics such as personal branding, professional networking, and using social media in a job search
  • Developing a career services model for the University of Minnesota School of Public Health Faculty
  • Serving as President for MCDA
  • And so much more.

Marty Dockman Merit Award Stan RosenThe 2018 Marty Dockman Merit Award winner is a familiar face to anyone who has been around MCDA or national career conferences over the years — he has attended over 25 of them. Known for his generosity, passion, enthusiasm, and selflessness, Stan Rosen embodies what it means to be a Marty Dockman Merit Award winner.

This award honors individuals who have made a significant difference in the lives of clients or made a significant contribution to MCDA. Stan has gone above and beyond in his career to support not just his clients but also his fellow career professionals.  As an active member of MCDA for more than 10 years, he shares his enthusiasm for the profession with everyone he meets.

The Sunny Hansen Graduate Student Award honors outstanding graduate students for excellence in their career development work. This year two new professionals received the honor.

Annie MontemayorAnnie Montemayor, has served as an intern in  University of Minnesota’s CLA Career Services this past academic year and has demonstrated her dedication to the field through research, engaging with students, and an openness to all types of opportunities. Of particular note is the work Annie did in researching ways to create more effective, adaptive, and inclusive career courses. After she completes her graduate thesis, she will have a list of recommendations and best practices for serving students from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and identities through career courses.

Additionally, Annie co-instructed two levels of career courses; developed and offered presentations for non-traditional students; and delivered a webinar to prepare students for the large, annual career fair.

Sunny Hansen Graduate Student award winner is Renee CrumeThe second Sunny Hansen Graduate Student award winner is Renee Crume. Renee has served as a Career Coaching Graduate Intern in the Undergraduate Business Career Center at the University of Minnesota for the past two academic years. Through this work, she has demonstrated both an eagerness to learn and a significant impact in the lives of the students she works with. She has completed over 250 individual appointments in the areas of practice interviewing, job search, and internship search and has received such feedback as  “Renee was amazing!” and “Thank you for your help in the mock interview, especially the detail changes in how I should present my experiences.”

In addition to her 1:1 career coaching, Renee made an impact:

  • as a co-teacher for two sections of a one-credit career course on career skills
  • by helping to coordinate the mentorship program which has over 500 participants
  • developing a monthly newsletter for the mentorship program
  • supervising four peer career coaches
  • and so much more.

Any career professional anywhere in their career would like to have others say this about them: “Renee’s involvement across the UBCC has been of benefit to students, staff, alumni, and employer partners.”

Congratulations to all of this year’s MCDA Award winners.

  1. May 13th, 2018 at 16:58 | #1

    Congratulations to all four MCDA Award winners! Darren Kaltved, Stan Rosen, Annie Montemayor, Rnne Crume! Each of your contributions to our profession and colleagues is truly phenomenal!

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