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Minnesota Career Development Association

MCDA Fall 2015 Newsletter

November 16th, 2015


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President’s Corner

Happy Career Development Week! Thank you for your work in helping others and for being a part of MCDA. Just being a member reflects your passion to grow, commitment to our profession, and drive to connect with colleagues.

This year’s theme for MCDA is Together: Creating a Positive Future, and I’m excited to introduce this year’s board (see the panel on the next page) which is one of the most diverse boards we’ve had and who are extremely committed to the association. Together, we aim to build upon the great work of Past-President Jennifer Rosand and the previous board, and we are looking for ways to get each of you more involved with MCDA.

Following are just a couple of examples of the many initiatives we are working on:

  • Honoring MCDA’s deep commitment to diversity and inclusion, a new board committee was created during the latest revision of the bylaws. This committee is charged to stay abreast of relevant diversity issues and to educate and guide the membership to “better meet the needs of its diverse membership and its stakeholders.”
  • To celebrate Career Development Week, we’ve scheduled a program titled, “Generational Diversity: A Key to More Productive Relationship”. Details are on page two. We hope to see you there. Reflecting this year’s theme of working together to create a positive future, we are eager to get your input on our strategic planning. Details on how you can contribute will be forthcoming.

I am honored to be serving you this year and look forward to collaborating as we create MCDA’s positive future.

2015-2016 MCDA Board of Trustees

I’m so happy to introduce your 2015-2016 MCDA board members! Welcome to our newly elected members, and welcome back to the returning board.

With this strong group of individuals, I believe we’re going to have a terrific year building upon the work of last year’s board while creating the vision and plan for MCDA’s bright future. Look for more in the next newsletter in 2016.

– Vic Massaglia
MCDA President, 2015-2016

MCDA Mentor Program

Seeking your participation! If you are interested in being a mentor or mentee next year, please email

Registration forms on available on the Mentor page on the website. We will also have information available at the 2016 Minnesota Careers Conference.

MCDA Career Development Week Event for Fall 2015

November 20, 2015 

Generational Diversity: A Key to More Productive Relationships

Most workplaces have at up to four generations working together, which means career coaching can occur during any of these stages. Each generation has its own communication style, attitudes and values, and expectations both of the workplace and of the career counselor/client relationship. Understanding each generation’s differences allows the career coach to help create a more meaningful relationship with the client/student. Further understanding also helps create a better workplace environment, with improved operations and more productive relation-ships between colleagues and their interactions with stakeholders.

Course participants will be introduced to the four generations today’s workplace: Traditionalists – born the end of WWII; Boomers – born 1946- 1964; Generation-X – born 1965-1981; and Millenials – born 1982-2000. For each generation, we will discuss some formative events, communication styles, learning styles, and attitudes toward work and the workplace.

During this course, we will discuss why generational diversity matters, and the benefits to understanding and accommodating each one, and how your new understanding of generational difference will contribute to productivity and effectiveness as a career practitioner.

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand and identify generational view-points
  • Be aware of your own generational perspec-tives and biases when counseling students and clients
  • Better address and deal with conflict among different generations
  • Enhance success by working with members of different generations

Dana Bartocci is the Education and Organization Development Manager at the Fourth Judicial District in the State of Minnesota. The Fourth Judicial District is the largest district in the state and has over 500 staff members and 62 judges. Dana presents large training sessions for both staff and judges as well as department or-ganization development for the district. Dana has presented programs locally and nationally on topics such as Myers Briggs Type Indicator®, Generations in the Workplace, Law Firm Professional Development and Strengths Finder. Prior to joining the Fourth Judicial District, Dana has served as a Career Counselor at the University of Minnesota and worked in Professional Development at a large law firm. Dana is active in the Minnesota Bar Association and Minnesota Women Lawyers. She received her J.D. and M.S. in educational administration from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and her B.A. in political science and cultural studies from the University of Minnesota.

For more information, see:

Minnesota Careers Conference Call for Volunteers

Calling MCDA members,

We are in the process of forming a conference committee and are looking for volunteers to help plan the Spring MCDA Careers Conference, being held in April 2016.

This is a great opportunity to network with other professionals/members in the career management field, gain leadership/project management experience and have fun in the process! Also, there is no prior event planning experience required.

We hope to meet in the next couple weeks to start planning. During the planning process we will meet in-person and via teleconference.

For even more incentive to volunteer, discounts for the conference may apply, depending on your involvement level!

Please email Cindy or Katie, Conference Co-Chairs, if you have any interest or just have questions. Thanks!

Cindy Hinderks

Katie Ness

Interested in becoming a Certified Career Coach?

Adler Graduate School’s Career Coaching/Counseling Certificate online program takes a holistic approach, training students to help clients take ownership of their careers, market themselves effectively for new opportunities, manage transitions, and maximize career fulfillment – at every stage of life! The online curriculum is designed around the core competencies established by the National Career Development Association (NCDA) and the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Enroll now – program starts January 2016!

Questions? Contact Carmen Croonquist, Director of Career Coaching/Counseling at (612)767-7060 or

Look for More Frequent Newsletters from MCDA!

Seeking your participation! Would you like to contribute to our next issue in January of 2016? Have other questions? Contact Editors from the Board’s Communications Committee at

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