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Minnesota Career Development Association

MCDA Fall 2013 Newsletter

MCDA Fall 2013 Newsletter


October 1, 2013


Inside this issue:

The President’s Corner

MCDA Mentor

Upcoming Events

Book Review: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success





The President’s Corner by Darren Kaltved 

Greetings MCDA Members! As summer winds down and fall appears, change is definitely in the air. With this change of weather also comes a change and look of the MCDA Board of Trustees.  I am sincerely honored and look  forward to serving as your 2013-2014 MCDA President. MCDA represents the “heart” of our profession; grounded in career development tradition, theory and practice. I find value and opportunity in working collaboratively with our members and board toward making this “heart”, the inner working of MCDA, strong and successful. As we embark on an exciting year ahead for MCDA, I would like to outline a few goals for the coming year:

  • Serve as a strong advocate for the field of career development and help MCDA communicate the important value of our organization, its mission and services and programs we provide.
  • Work collaboratively, in shared leadership, with our members toward advancing the association and the value, knowledge and opportunities it provides by improving resources, services and programs that ultimately help build a better quality of life and experience for the MCDA community.
  • Survey the MCDA community regarding your needs and how to better serve you as a member.
  • Seek out and develop partnerships with local and regional organizations whose mission, services, resources and programs would benefit the MCDA community.

I thank you for this amazing opportunity to serve as your leader and look forward to working with each of you throughout the coming year. In addition to working with you and the rest of the MCDA community, I am also very excited to work with and empower our extremely talented Board of Trustees, including our new board members: Tom Colosimo, Janice Kalin, Susan Larson, Rachel Vilsack, Christopher Feider, Andrea Obrycki, and our new Newsletter Editor Anne Templeman. Moreover, I look forward to welcoming back our new executive board team: Jennifer Rosand (President-Elect), Shelley Jensen-Decker (Past-President), Ben Hansen (Secretary), and John Merladet (Treasurer), as well as our returning board members: Irene Rossman, Sally Power, Maureen Laufenberg, Shona Allen, Sue Holm, Cindy Hinderks, Janine Knutson, Gail Waller, and Kathy Ward. Together, our hope is to better serve you and the MCDA community; thus, please do not hesitate contact us – we would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and suggestions for bettering our great association. You can find us at

As many of you know, MCDA is the state chapter of a larger organization, the National Career Development Association (NCDA, In June, I had the opportunity to attend the 100th Anniversary NCDA Global Career Development Conference in Boston. What an amazing experience!  I met career professionals from all over the world as well as had the opportunity to present on the topic of “Using Humor and Metaphorical Thinking in Your Work as Career Counselors” with our very own, remarkably talented President-Elect, Jennifer Rosand.  In addition, I was selected to join a class of eight career development leaders from across the country as part of the NCDA Leadership Academy. As part of this experience I had multiple opportunities to engage with NCDA leadership, learn about their strategic initiatives and how state divisions (such as MCDA) can be an advocate to NCDA and the field of career development. As we look ahead, MCDA is excited to continue our strong partnership with NCDA and to take advantage of the wealth of resources, programs and information they provide. As both an MCDA and NCDA member, I encourage each of you to use MCDA and NCDA as an accessible resource when seeking information, education and professional development opportunities. In June of 2014, NCDA will be hosting their 101st Annual Global Career Development Conference in Long Beach, California. I hope to see you there as we celebrate “Charting the Course for the Second Century of Career Development.”

As we begin to confirm our calendar of events for 2013-2014, I would like to encourage you all to “save-the-date” for our 2014 MCDA Spring Conference (April 24-25, 2014) at the University of Minnesota’s Continuing Education and Conference Center, St. Paul, MN. Watch for additional details regarding our fall and winter events, roundtables, happy hours, and more!

Again, thank you for the opportunity to serve as your President for 2013-2014, as well as your support for MCDA. Personally, I welcome your input as we move into the 2013 – 2014 year and encourage you to please reach out to me with any questions, concerns or ideas.  Have a fabulous year!

Darren Kaltved, MCDA President 2013-2014



MCDA Mentorship Program

MCDA Mentorship Program “Hits the Ground Running”

Written by Andrea Obrycki











The 2013-2014 MCDA Mentorship Program hit the ground running with our Kick-Off event in July.  At the Kick-Off, we had 18 mentors and mentees enjoy dinner, conversation, and a mentorship goodie bag!  We are amazed at the enthusiasm, support, and dedication everyone involved has been contributing to this program.  During this short nine-month commitment, our mentors and mentees will connect at least once per month to discuss various topics, trends, and professional goals.  In January, we will celebrate diversity in the field of Career Services by hosting a potluck.  We look forward to each member bringing an ethnic dish that represents his or her background.

If you are interested in joining the mentorship program next year, look for our table at the 2014 MCDA Spring Conference!

Program Coordinators: MCDA Board Members Andrea Obrycki and CurShonda Allen


Upcoming Events:


Celebrate the Now Discover the New  | Pioneer the Next

Friday, November 1, 2013

Bonfire Restaurant on Grand Avenue

(10 spaces available for MCDA Members!)

On Global Career Brainstorming Day, groups of career and employment professionals meet in a groundbreaking event of career exploration, conversation, and discovery. Our goals are to:

1. Define our industry’s best practices

2. Identify emerging trends

3. Set new standards for performance for the now, the new, and the next in careers

Each group is led by an experienced facilitator working with a discussion outline we’ve created to guide the conversation. There’s also a scribe (note taker) to record the highlights of the day – insights, ideas, new perspectives, resources, and more that everyone shares – that become the foundation for the consolidated white paper of findings that we publish.

For more information, please contact: Joan Runnheim Olson, (715) 808-0344


Are you a Career Development Practitioner looking for “Practical Techniques and Strategies”?

NCDA & the Colorado Career Development Association are hosting A Career Practitioner Institute for you!

October 18-19, 2013, Westminster, Colorado (Denver)

Here are a few highlights offered at this mini-conference:

  • The Hope-Centered Model of Career Development
  • Exciting career counseling courses
  • Accessing the Hidden Job Market
  • Expert guide to NCDA resources
  • Chaos and Careers
  • Case studies highlighting ethical dilemmas
  • Pathways to Prosperity
  • Career Lessons for K-12 and Beyond
  • Using Strengths Finder 2.0
  • Strategies for Employer Relations and Recruitment Services
  • Keynote Rich Feller presents “Accelerating Client Movement and Your Value”
  • Keynote Carol Vecchio presents “A Map for Navigating Uncertainty and Change in Life and Work

Costs:  CPI Registration $150-$325 – best prices for registration by Oct 1st!

Westin Westminster Hotel Rate: $139 plus tax

Continuing Education: 
6 Continuing Education hours available with optional Pre-Conference Professional Development Institutes: 3.5 each, or total of 7 Continuing Education hours available

Click here for complete conference details©2013 NCDA

Headquarters: 305 N. Beech Circle

Broken Arrow, OK

Book Review:

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

by Carol Dweck-Professor of Psychology at Stanford

As a young researcher, Carol Dweck was fascinated with how people coped with failure. She unexpectedly learned a very valuable lesson while studying how young students deal with hard problems. Certain children, when confronted by complex problems, loved the challenge and effort involved, and even embraced failure when it occurred. In fact, the children did not view it as failing but as learning. In short they loved to fail. Perplexed as to why these kids loved failing, Dweck began to explore the type of mind that could turn failure into a gift. What she found through her research formed the basis of her theory around mindset, which is outlined in her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.

In this book, Dweck proposes that everyone has either a fixed mindset or a growth mindset, and that the mindset you adopt has a profound impact on the person you are and the life you lead. Individuals with the fixed mindset believe their basic qualities; intelligence, talents and abilities are fixed traits. You are born with a certain amount of each and are unable to change that. Believing that your qualities are carved in stone creates an urgency to repeatedly prove yourself and to avoid failure at all costs. Conversely, individuals with a growth mindset believe that their talents and abilities can be developed over time through effort and experience. They are not worried about failure, or making a mistake. They challenge themselves and grow. The good news is that we all do have the ability to change our mindset.

The book was enjoyable and offered some insights, but was rather simplistic. Dweck used a number of high profile business, sports and entertainment examples showing the differences between a fixed and growth mindset (i.e. Lee Iacocca and the Chrysler bailout). However, I never felt I was reading a well-researched, substantive book authored by a professor of Psychology at Stanford University. The overall feeling is that of self-help book rather that a heavily researched theory based on solid science. In addition, the book was very repetitive. I had a solid understanding of the overall concept after reading chapters one through three, and everything after that restated the same concepts and examples. The tips and tools Dweck provided to help you achieve the growth mindset were ambiguous at best. I wanted something much more tangible to use for myself and with clients.

The basic premise of this book is excellent, but the execution falls short. I would recommend reading articles on the topic rather than reading the book, or simply reading the first three chapters and skimming the rest.


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