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MCDA Bylaw changes approved!

Thank you to all of those who voted in this previous ballot to amend some of MCDA’s bylaws! After reflecting on our current processes and guidelines, the MCDA Board felt we could better serve and honor the great work we do as an organization and in our careers by amending a few sections of our bylaws. By opening the voting to our membership, we are able to better evaluate the impact on the decision(s) and confirm the change is best for our organization. Below you will find a summary of the amendments which the Board recommended and which were adopted by the membership.

First we wanted to update the language around the current terms of office and the committees serving on the board. By adjusting this wording, the bylaws now read correctly and eliminate any incorrect references.

A bigger focus for amendments was placed on defining our Awards. Through the past couple award seasons, we have identified areas in which the language around award requirements could be strengthened. The Jules Kerlan Outstanding Achievement Award, the Marty Dockman Merit Award, and the Sunny Hansen Graduate Student Award now do a better job of articulating the qualifications for one to nominate an outstanding individual(s). In addition, the organization eliminated the Research Award. The Research Award has only been awarded several times over the last 30 years. Colleagues who conduct research in the future may be recognized through the Marty Dockman Merit Award. Furthermore, to offer an additional level of recognition and to honor the spirit of former MCDA president and long-time advocate, Irene Rossman, we created the Irene Rossman Award. This award will honor individuals who made a significant contribution to the field of career development, including through volunteer opportunities.

Finally, over the course of the past two years, members of MCDA have been working to evaluate, define, and develop MCDA’s strategic plan for the next 5-10 years. The information gathered has motivated us to better articulate the mission of our organization. Our mission now states:

“The mission of the Minnesota Career Development Association (MCDA) is to provide professional growth and community, and to promote the field of career development.”

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