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Look Back to Move Forward – President’s Message

December 8th, 2017 Leave a comment Go to comments

Happy Old Year, everyone!

You probably don’t hear that too often – someone giving well wishes for months gone by not the year to come.

As we ready ourselves for 2018 – and help our student and job seekers to set New Year goals – December is the perfect time to reflect on all we’ve experienced in the recent past.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” ~Seneca

How many of you encourage your students or clients to reflect on the milestones of their lives to take stock of their skills and accomplishments? When was the last time you engaged in this career development action for yourself?

2007 MCDA Board

Thanks to Facebook, I was reminded of a pleasant event from seven years ago. This photo of MCDA’s 2010 Board of Trustees popped up in my Facebook feed. The photo was taken after we had lunch together and Carmen Croonquist (front, center), president at the time, posed with the outrageous wrestling belt (I think).

Looking fondly at the photo, I remember that this year on the Board was my first time working with many of these career practitioners that I am proud to say are now an important part of my professional community. I had no idea that when I was first elected to MCDA’s Board of Trustees 10 years ago, I would one day be president serving an equally impressive group of Board members.

I’m also sad to say that two wonderful women in this photo have since passed away. Irene Rossman (front, in blue top) and Bridgett Kenadjian (top of stairs, center, with glasses) were mentors to me. Both are remembered by their MCDA colleagues as kind, intelligent, passionate women who made a difference in the world of career development. Irene and Bridget were great friends to many and are dearly missed.

What memories will you bring with you into 2018? Ten years from now, how will you remember 2017?

In the comments section below, leave your suggestions for helping students and job seekers to put their pasts in perspective and plan for a positive 2018.

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