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Minnesota Career Development Association

July/August 2016 Newsletter (Vol. 4)

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President’s Corner

VicHello friends,

As you may know, my term as your President is coming to end, and I hope that during my term I have been able to make a positive impact on MCDA and its future. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with such a talented and outstanding board of directors, volunteers, and engaged members. It truly has been an incredible experience.

It is with great confidence that I turn over leadership and hand over the gavel to Kim Marrone. I believe her leadership and the incoming board as well as your strong, ongoing support will take MCDA to even greater heights!

My goal is to continually grow as a career development professional and to be the best I can be to help others in their personal and professional journeys. Thank you for the opportunity to lead and to serve and especially to make positive contributions to our association and to our profession. It has been one of the most rewarding
experiences in my life. 

-Vic Massaglia, MCDA President, 2015-2016

Hello MCDAers!Kim

This is Kim Marrone. I’ve had the privilege to be your President Elect for some time and now the honor of MCDA President as of August 1st. As our MCDA fiscal year comes to a close, we have so much to celebrate!  We accomplished many successes within the last year, which culminated in MCDA winning an Outstanding State Division Award from NCDA. You can read more about this on the next page. 

I am very proud of this award for one main reason: This success was only achieved through the synergy of many people coming together and making a difference. We are strongest when we pool our talents toward the common goal of making MCDA a better organization to serve each other. This past year is a great example of what we can do together, just like Vic envisioned with his theme for 2015-2016, “Together: Creating a Positive Future”.

AwardOne of the ways we will continue to provide meaningful support to our membership is through the information we are gathering in our Strategic Planning process. Vic began this process last year, and very soon each member will have the opportunity to share ideas and comments that will guide and shape our future. I hope you will take a few minutes to
complete the survey (closes 8/10) that was recently sent. We encourage you to be as specific as possible with your responses as it is very important for us to hear your voice. This is your chance to influence the direction of MCDA!

As we wrap up the past year, I’m turning my thoughts to our coming year and even beyond to our future. Working towards our next accomplishments are the returning and incoming Board members to the right.

I am proud to be a part of MCDA because of the great people and I’m excited about the new ways that we will come together to strengthen the value of our organization! Welcome to our new Board members!

Best wishes and remember: Together, we can create a positive future.  

Celebrating 2016-2017 Board Members

President                   Kim Marrone

President Elect         Denise Felder

Past President          Vic Massaglia

Secretary                   Katie Ness

Treasurer                   Tom Colosimo

Board of Trustees

Accomplishments to Win NCDA Award

It is with great pride on behalf of the dedicated and extremely talented members in our organization that we share this exciting news. As announced earlier, our very own MCDA has won a coveted award for NCDA’s Outstanding Career Development Association of the Year in the established CDA category! Kim was unable to accept the award at the conference in Chicago. Thanks to Jessica who filled in on behalf of the Board members due to pre-arrangements for seating.

As you can imagine, we had tough competition but with our many accomplishments, we were selected. So many people came together to make this happen.  We have an amazing Board with folks who truly desire to make a difference through MCDA. We have dedicated, talented volunteers who regularly pitch in and donate their time and talents to pull together a successful annual conference and other offerings.

If you haven’t yet gotten involved, we welcome you to join this progressive and exciting group. We have the biggest impact when we all work together for the benefit of the group – and it’s fun too! For those of you who contributed to the efforts that landed us this award – THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIRELESS EFFORTS and your belief in MCDA. We have only achieved this because we worked together.

Below are highlighted achievements from our proposal:

Tell us about your biggest accomplishment this year.
One of our greatest accomplishments this year was with our major overhaul of MCDA’s bylaws. A specific accomplishment in the revision was the creation of the MCDA Diversity and Inclusion Committee. The charge of this committee is to “make recommendations regarding diversity within the Association. The committee reviews the status of diversity within the organization recommends methods for enhancing diversity, and advises on how the association can better meet the needs of its diverse membership and stakeholders” (MCDA Bylaws). The committee immediately created, planned and developed two well-attended and well­-received programmed events: “Generational Diversity: A Key to More Productive Relationships” and “The Future Starts Today: Preparing for a Diverse Workforce”. More information is provided below under professional development efforts. Thank you to our founding Diversity and Inclusion Committee Co-­Chairs: Henok Fanta and Denise Felder.

Tell us about your professional development efforts.
To honor MCDA’s mission to “promote professional development of its members and education of the public at large,” our organization planned, developed, and implemented the following initiatives.

● Conducted a MCDA Board Orientation facilitated by President Vic Massaglia and Past-­President Darren Kaltved (NCDA Leadership Academy Graduate). Darren applied his academy project directly to our training.

● Hosted MCDA Round Table Events

○ Round Table events are aimed to present and explore career development content as well as create and development our MCDA community

● MCDA Mentorship Program

○ This year-­long program hosted 11 mentorship pairs with the goal of building professional relationships as well as skill development.

● Annual Minnesota Careers Conference: Together Building a Positive Future

○ MCDA’s largest, annual event to celebrate members’ accomplishments, present and explore career development related content and expertise, and bring members and our community together.

■ Keynote Presenter: Amy Lindgren of Prototype Career Service – Presentation title: Your Future As A Careers Professional: Carving a path without limits

■ PDI Presenter: Bruce E. Roselle – Presentation title: Move from Inadequate to Authentic!

Please describe your efforts as it relates to increasing state CDA membership.

● Redesigned and developed a new and dynamic MCDA brochure

● To draw people to our annual conference (our most important recruitment event), we applied for and received the NCDA State Grant Award to attract a well­-known keynote speaker

What other information is important for the selection committee to know about your state CDA?

● MCDA Board Member, Past President, and 2013 Jules Kerlan Award (MCDA’s Life Time Service Award) recipient was honored. We lost our dear friend to lung cancer on December 15. In partnership with her employer, Career Partners International (CPI) Twin Cities, we established an MCDA scholarship in her name.

● An expert implements a MCDA Strategic Planning Initiative using Appreciative Inquiry and the Community Diamond Model

● Major enhancements to the MCDA Website to be more welcoming and help prospective and existing members access information quicker

● Creating and developing a MCDA State Leadership Academy under the direction of Darren Kaltved

● MCDA Board Member Jessica Ayub became NCDA Professional Counselors & Specialists column editor of Career Developments magazine

● Created an ad hoc committee under the leadership of President­-Elect Kim Marrone to conduct both an in­-depth membership audit to ensure we have accurate and updated member data as well as audit the administrative processes of the association to include new membership registration and member renewal protocol

Upcoming 2016-17 Year of the MCDA Mentor Program

mentorApplications for the 2016-2017 MCDA Mentor Program are due August 26, 2016.

You are encouraged to be a Mentor, a Mentee, or both!  However, you must be a Member of MCDA to be eligible to participate in this Mentor Program.

Mentoring is an ideal opportunity to learn more about yourself and the various occupational fields within career development. Participation in the MCDA Mentoring Program is free of charge and available only to MCDA members.

Gather Rewards for Your Time Commitment

Mentors and mentees are asked to invest nine months in the mentoring relationship and commit to meeting in person or via phone at least once a month. Our MCDA Mentor Program Kickoff meeting will be held the evening of September 19, 2016.  Save the Date!  We will provide location and start time details soon.

Your 2016-2017 Mentor Program Coordinators are Sara Lofstrom and Kim Bartels.

Contact Kim (612-759-5627) with any questions;
otherwise, simply send your completed
MCDA Mentor Program Registration Form to by 8/26.

Conference Highlights

NCDA AwardBoard Member Bushra Rizvi Shares First Experience at a Global Conference

Since entering the field of career development, I have been eager to attend the National Career Development Association (NCDA’s) annual conference. This year, the timing, location, conference theme and the beautiful summer weather all conspired to make this wish come true. The venue was Hyatt Regency, located on the windy city’s magnificent mile overlooking the scenic Chicago River and the emerald shores of Lake Michigan.

Being actively engaged in the regional MCDA chapter, and an enthusiastic LinkedIn follower of many authors and experts presenting at the conference, I was eager to learn first-hand from some of the best career practitioners of the day.

The cell phone friendly conference app offered an easy way to select, and then navigate multiple sessions in an unfamiliar venue. Within minutes I had my schedule organized and was ready to go! The First Timer’s ancillary meeting led by MCDA’s Paul Timmins and his fellow NCDA board leader, Deb Osborn, further helped me understand the event’s offerings, and how to make optimal use of my time during my five days. The slight pre-conference apprehension of being a new attendee was soon put to rest by connecting with familiar MCDA members, and learning that I was one of over 400 First-Timers mingling among the second-largest conference crowd of over 1,300 participants including 76 global members who traveled from 21 countries. Additionally, many international college students and professionals originally from diverse countries attended. The conference was global indeed!

The moment when MCDA received the Outstanding State Division Award was, undoubtedly, my happiest moment of the conference. What a great team we have, and what a privilege it is to work with such wonderful people!

The four days of the conference offered three keynote speakers, nine PDI’s, 83 presentations, 80 round tables, 10 poster sessions, and 10 career talks covering a wide range of topics on workforce and career development. Conference attendees included representatives from private, government, professional, and educational organizations. The exhibit hall showcased a variety of modern technological, and professional resources such as career related posters, products and services for a wide range of work settings.

The conference was particularly useful in my present role working with career and post-secondary focused high school juniors and seniors in a college setting. The NCDA, with a large participation from the K-12 community as well as higher education, allowed an opportunity to attend both types of sessions.

The conference was not just presentations and workshops. The networking socials brought together counselors doing similar work in other states to brainstorm ideas, and explore future opportunities for collaborating. The schedule allowed time to connect with friends, make short trips to the lovely lake shore, partake of gourmet restaurants and other exciting attractions this lively city offered.

For individuals interested in learning about NCDA’s activities, click on the “Membership Info” link to the right. The organization has 12 committee and members held meetings at the conference that were open to all; attendees were expressing interest to get involved.

With a keynote and sessions on self-help, the conference delivered its theme of “Fostering wellbeing through meaningful work.” Wellbeing was further fostered at the Red White and Boom party. It was delightful to see staid professionals dancing away the evening, Chicago style!

The conference concluded with Mark Savickas’ inspiring keynote, richly painted with mystical poetry and motivational quotes bringing into perspective the spiritual nature of the work of career professionals, and why we do it.

My best take-away from the conference was a beautiful poem by William Stafford quoted by Mark. I watched in awe as in a few simple, inspiring words the consummate career counselor helped our large crowd of professionals find their own stories to help others find theirs. The conference ended on the perfect note of walking away satisfied, yet craving for more.

Bushra Rizvi, GCDF
Career Coordinator – Bloomington Career and College
Academy; Bloomington Public Schools

Finding the Central Core in Daily Work

Central CoreAlmost everyone has encountered the following question in social situations:  “What do you do?” In my role as Associate Director of Career Services at Walden University,  I have had many opportunities to reflect on this question according to the professional “hats” I wear (e.g., trainer, presenter, content developer, project manager, career coach, and website manager). I have also developed a professional mission statement around helping mid-career adults “build resilience, embrace change, and find inspiration in their work, education, and lives.”

Reflection on the meaning of work

Recently I asked myself the following question:  What is at the CENTRAL CORE of my daily work?

Without hesitation, my answer is: students. Why?

The university students I work with are mid-career professionals with extensive life experiences. They are diverse, dedicated and determined to make a difference in their lives, in their communities, and (for many) on a global scale. My motivation for designing training materials; organizing webinar programs with expert panelists; coaching on job search, resume writing, LinkedIn, and interviewing skills; and helping students navigate career transitions is driven by the knowledge that I can make an impact on students’ career success.

Creative outcomes that empower others

In Career Services, we often advise students, “Show, Don’t Tell.” My work products, such as capturing student success stories through video interviews, writing blog stories, and delivering inspiring webinar programs,
motivate students to take action and maximize their career potential.

Key driver for daily inspiration

My daily work is evidence of my passion for bringing out the best in adult learners. What is the CENTRAL CORE of your work?

Adapted from Dina Bergren’s original blog post with Walden University Career Services Center and shared April 2016 on LinkedIn Pulse.

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