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Minnesota Career Development Association

2017 Keynote

Career Evolution: Increasing “Fit-Agility”

DeAnna Murphy will be presenting this year on the topic of Career Evolution. As people and their work change and evolve, the fit between self and work shifts and changes. Learn how to tap into patterns and inner resources as a win/win way to help people recover the right fit to their work. DeAnna’s approach is to “co-create” with the audience to give them memorable, actionable, and emotionally resonant take-aways.

About DeAnna Murphy:

DeAnna Murphy is the President and CEO of Strengths Strategy®, the world’s leading applied strengths organization.  She is an engaging keynote speaker, author, and a master facilitator of transformational learning with 12,000+ hours coaching, keynoting, and facilitating experiential learning programs, and helping organizations cultivate high-potential employees.  On average, she receives a 95-98% customer satisfaction rating from enthusiastic clients.