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Minnesota Career Development Association

MCDA RoundTables

The Minnesota Career Development Association (MCDA) offers professional development RoundTable meetings for career development students, volunteers and profesional practitioners.  RoundTables also serve as a time to network with colleagues working in a variety of sectors.

NOTE: RoundTables are open to all career professionals. MCDA members are encouraged to invite colleagues.

Career practitioners interested in leading a RoundTable can contact

Date/ Registration



Feb 27, 2018

The Authentic Professional: Redefining Workplace Culture Norms

Details and registration information

Jordan Westling and Renee Crume
TBD Coaching the Creative Client
Supporting students and job seekers in interested in careers in music, art, etc.
Liz Jennings
TBD Resources in the Creative World TBD
TBD Labor Market/Employer Trends Cindy O’Donovan
TBD Professional Identity vs. Other Life Roles Kim Bartels
TBD Sharing Favorite Career Exercises TBD
TBD Stress Management with Transitions
Mental self-care, use of art and finger painting
Sheila Hines Edmondson
TBD Creativity TBD
TBD Generational Differences in the Workplace Elizabeth Stangeland and Kim Bartels
TBD Emerging Careers Because of Changes in Technology Dina Bergren
TBD Helping Students with Life-Long Career Management
Tools and resources for practitioners
TBD Speed Networking in Minnesota’s Career Community Stan Rosen
Fall 2018 Addressing Racial Employment Disparities Denise Felder
Summer 2018 Supporting Low Income Job Seekers Denise Felder
Winter 2018 Supporting Job Seekers with Criminal Records TBD