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Minnesota Career Development Association

2018 MCDA Winter Event Recap!

Personal Branding and essential Networking tips were featured in another highly successful Winter Event hosted by Metro State University in collaboration with MCDA.

Metro State students, faculty and staff gathered with Career Counselors from around the metro to hear Marcia Ballinger enthusiastically share her successful techniques for getting best results from networking, and to learn from Patricia Berg’s highly interactive presentation on Personal Branding: “What Are You Known For?” Berg led the group through exercises to learn how to communicate in a few simple words, ‘Who you are and why you do it?’.”

Marcia Ballinger

Ballinger, a recruiter who continues to find that 80% of all jobs are found through networking, reminded the audience in a highly energetic and engaging presentation, the value of networking, and what to do to avoid networking mistakes. Highlights included:
• Know what you want to accomplish in your networking meeting; prepare a formal agenda, share it, and stay with it throughout the meeting.
• Schedule the meeting for no more than 20 minutes and be the manager of the time; if appropriate, ask only for an extra 10 minutes.
• Learn something from them, and acknowledge it.
• Take only one minute to talk about yourself.
• Do your homework on the individual; never ask anything you can easily find on line!
• Ask, ‘Who else do you know that I should connect with?’
• Ask, ‘How can I help you in return?’
Ballinger strongly recommends that we perpetually network! 97% of people will say ‘yes’ because only 3% of the population does not respect networking!

Patricia Berg

Your personal brand consists of capturing the value you bring to the people you serve and hope to serve in the future. In the Personal Branding segment, Berg shared the key words that make up her CPI Brand Model:

To write your brand, Berg suggested keeping the Model in mind as you flush out your answers to the following 3 questions:
What? Why? How?

Explore your deliverables:
• Service
• Outcomes
• Quality
Explore the benefit to your customers:
• Why do people choose to work with you?
• Why do you choose to do this work?
Explore how you deliver your brand (consistency is important!):
• Skills
• Approach
• Philosophy
• Style
Authenticity is key in communicating your brand. Berg suggests asking yourself:
• Do my accomplishments reflect the words I use in my brand?
• Can I tell a story from my words (brand)?
• Do I feel comfortable saying the words?
• Are the words I chose for my brand, real and truthful?

She ended by challenging the audience to “Communicate your value in some way every day!”

It was a great event all around!

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