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CPAD Meeting Leaving a Legacy: Making Sense of a Life Well-Lived

December 4, 2020 @ 7:45 AM - 9:00 AM

This session will be about how you as counselors can focus on your own legacies as well as provide a tool that could be used for your clients as well. Some pre-work will be provided for you (see attached) to consider your own legacies and there will be discussion of how to use this process for your own professional and personal development. 


Each generation has given us a legacy from the acts/deeds that came before us. Lincoln freed slaves; FDR gave us a path to the other side of the Great Depression; Kennedy gave us a vision of space exploration which culminated in a man landing on the moon. Of course, legacy is not reserved for presidents only. Everyone has the opportunity to consider the role of legacy in their own lives. We have seen generations of teachers opening the minds of their students, scientists coming up with treatments and cures, and career counselors partnering with their clients to pursue successful careers. 


For our speaker, Dean DeGroot, legacy is about being responsible to your community, your world. People can create positive or negative legacies, but if done responsibly, legacies are the ultimate win-win for both the individual and society. It’s about making sense of your life and finding fulfillment.



Speaker & Discussion Leader: Dean DeGroot


Dean R. DeGroot is a business consultant and licensed psychologist.  He has been involved as a change agent for individuals and organizations for over 31 years.  Dean has expertise in assessing, creating, and evaluating various aspects of change, providing individuals and organizations with insightful information on “bottom-line impact.”  Personal improvement, training, and psychological assessment/testing are areas in which Dean has made a difference.  As a solo business owner, Dean has found success over the years through partnering with various consultants, operating under the credo: partnership with others equals greater power and influence. He particularly assists individuals in understanding their potential and unique ways of fitting into various environments.


Dean conducts career/selection/organizational assessment, team building, one-to-one counseling and career transition workshops. Refocusing direction and conquering fear are often life’s challenges, and they are the value often achieved when clients collaborate with Dean.  


Dean is also Past-President of the Minnesota Career Development Association and 2003 & 2017 recipient of the Marty Dockman Merit Award for contributions in the field of career development as well as the Jules Kerlan Outstanding Achievement Award in 2015. Dean possesses a master’s degree in Behavior Analysis & Therapy from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.  


To connect with Dean or read his complete profile go to http://www.linkedin.com/in/deandegroot



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December 4, 2020
7:45 AM - 9:00 AM