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Minnesota Career Development Association

MCDA Membership Database (AMO)

Sign-in to the MCDA Membership Database (AMO) –-  here you can update your profile, renew your membership, or look up contact information on other MCDA members.

Overview of the Member Center 

The new member center is a central hub for you, as a member, to manage your account information and interact with the association and fellow members. From this area you can update personal information and process online registrations.

Updating your account 

Updating your account is easy now! Sign-in to the member center and click on “My Account”. From here you can update all of your personal information. You’ll be able to see your membership information here too but only your association can edit that information.  Send an email to with the information you wish to update.

Updating your bio

Update your Bio and add a picture for the member directory! Click on “My Bio” and add a little bit about yourself. This will show up when members are searching for you. Adding a photo and a resume to this page are nice touches! You never know when someone just might want to contact you about a new opportunity.

Searching the member directory 

The member directory makes it easy for you to find others in your organization. You can search for them by name, organizations, location and other features. You’ll need to reach out to these people directly. Perhaps you’ll use one of the social media links on their profile (if they have added them) to get in touch!

Registering for events 

In your member account you can see any upcoming events and register for them online! Always make sure to login when registering for events because there may be member-specific pricing and then you’ll be able to look back on your event history.

Reviewing your events history 

We’re able to put all of your event registrations in one place so that you can easily track what you have attended. You’ll also be able to see if you received any continuing education credits from courses or activities you attended.

Renewing your dues 

Membership dues are now completely automated and when renewals come around, you can pay for your membership online. When you login to your account, you’ll see how long your membership is good for or if you have any dues that need to submitted to stay active.


MCDA Membership Database (AMO)