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Minnesota Career Development Association


The mission of the Minnesota Career Development Association (MCDA) is to promote the well-being of our members by providing professional growth, community, and voice to influence, and advocate for, the field of career development.

Core MCDA Values

  • Members widely and actively participate in the workings of the organization.
  • Members recognize, and are satisfied with, the value they receive from belonging to MCDA.
  • Career development enhances quality of life.
  • The leadership of the organization is a “shared leadership,” meaning that leadership is the responsibility of all Board of Trustees members. Further, the organization strives for both vision in leadership and soundness in management practices.
  • Knowledge of career development theory, research, and practice is essential to quality, intentional career development service.

Who MCDA Serves

Members of MCDA, in varied settings statewide, working in and contributing to, both directly and indirectly, the field of career development.

How MCDA Serves Members

MCDA offers a select package of services for career professionals to attract and retain members, within the means of MCDA resources.

Why MCDA Exists

  • Effective career development enhances the overall quality of life.
  • MCDA believes it is important that we, as career development professionals, continue to actively grow and develop; ongoing professional development is essential to ensure our quality of service.
  • As a united professional community, we can influence, and advocate for, the field of career development and our service more effectively as a group than individually.
  • As a professional community, we can better support and learn from each other.